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Epson Integrated Conveyor Tracking

Model: SCARA (LS, G Series), 6-Axis (N, C Series)

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Image of Epson Integrated Conveyor Tracking

Epson Conveyor  Tracking

Epson Conveyor Tracking allows parts to be picked up from a moving or stationary conveyor in a coordinated fashion. In the case of a tracking conveyor system the conveyor moves constantly and never stops. Vision or a sensor system is used to find parts on the conveyor and the robot picks them up off of the moving conveyor. During tracking the robot can move along with the part as it picks up parts. In the case of an indexed conveyor system the conveyor moves a specified distance and then stops. The vision system finds the parts and the robot picks up all the parts that were in the vision systems field of view. After finding and picking up all the parts, the conveyor moves to the next indexed position.

Conveyor tracking is commonly used in the food and packaging industries. Typical food applications include tracking of chocolates, candies, bread, etc. to put them in boxes or group them together for packaging. Epson Robots have also been used for cake decorating on a moving conveyor or for putting toppings on foods like frozen pizzas as they move down a conveyor line before going into the oven. Epson Robots are also used to help complete final packaging of many different consumer, medical and electronic products throughout the world.


  • Powerful Tracking Tools for Picking/Placing Parts on Moving Conveyor
  • Software Wizards Make Setup a Breeze
  • Supports Vision and Sensor Based Conveyor Tracking
  • Works with RC90 & RC700A Controllers

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