Conductix-Wampfler Product

Jay RadioSafe Safety Stop System for Radio Remote Controls


The Global Safety Stop System for Radio Remote Controls focuses on SIL 3

Image of Jay RadioSafe Safety Stop System for Radio Remote Controls

Global safety:

  • Much more than individual machine safety
  • SIL 3 - PLe TÜV Süd certified solution
  • Independence from any navigation solution
  • Operators absolute safety within fleets of AGVs


  • Opto-coupled 100 mA static output: 6 function outputs
  • Safety relays: 2 safety relays with 3 NO guided contacts

The front plate is removable for configuration.

Radio Characteristics:

Characteristics compliant with ETS 300 220


64 frequencies programmable in 433-434 MHz


1/4 wave, as an accessory, plugs into BNC connector


< -100 dBm

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