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SPiiPlusSC – Turn your PC into the most powerful multi-axis controller

The SPiiPlusSC PC-based machine and motion control software provides demanding machinery with the highest performance possible at the most affordable price, leveraging on the processing power of modern PC technology and on the connectivity of a real-time open industrial Ethernet network. Now, a standard PC with Windows can run your machine application, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the SPiiPlusSC real-time motion controller and PLC without adding any hardware. Previously, the control solution to demanding applications, such as SMT assembly systems with high volume data transfer needs, was based on a dedicated motion controller card that plugged into the PC and a dedicated PLC . Not anymore!

The SPiiPlusSC control software, which includes its own real-time operating system, runs on one of the processors of a multi-core PC, and communicates with the host applications over shared RAM and virtual TCP/IP. The SPiiPlusSC manages all motor drives and I/O processes using one of the standard Ethernet ports of the PC as the EtherCAT master communication channel. The result - the highest performance and most flexible controller at the best price. The SPiiPlusSC is also a more cost effective, state of the art replacement for standalone motion controllers and PLCs. It is more powerful and it simplifies the connectivity of the entire system by eliminating the dedicated controller hardware

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