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Parvalux Electric Motors is a leading global manufacturer of geared motor solutions, chosen by manufacturers to power hundreds of diverse applications. We are particularly recognized for our work within the patientcare, transport, industrial automation and leisure industries.

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VIPER3 80 series

POSTED 07/14/2021

Designed and built to withstand a variety of different environments, the new VIPER3 from Parvalux is the perfect geared motor solution for use in your large wiper system application. Trusted to work reliably in the harshest conditions, the VIPER3 can comfortably operate when faced with dust, liquid, high & low temperatures, and wide variances in humidity, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into vehicles across the rail, marine, haulage, and transport sectors. Equipped with multiple mounting options, the space conscious design of the VIPER3 allows for it to be easily mounted into your application. This, combined with internal wiring and an enclosed commutation brush design, makes this self-contained, IP54 rated, geared motor the ideal solution for use in your large wiper system.