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POSTED 04/21/2023

LexxPluss Inc. and Arendai Inc. have entered a strategic partnership that would accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous intralogistics solutions for Industry 4.0 enabled by autonomous mobile robotics systems from LexxPluss and Arendai’s innovative software solution for the orchestration of intralogistics operations.

The partnership intends to leverage their respective capacities to expand their reach in the automotive industry, increase competitiveness, enhance innovation, and improve productivity, flexibility, and worker safety by integrating complementary technologies. By combining LexxPluss’s AMR capabilities with Arendai’s Harmony solution, the partnership establishes a system that optimizes operations and incorporates predictive analytics with Artificial Intelligence.

“It is our honor to announce the partnership with Arendai, a company that shares ‘Transparency’ as a key common value proposition,” explained Rizo Itakura, CEO of LexxPluss US, Inc. “Arendai’s digital twin solution will deliver absolute operational visibility to our end users, which reduces uncertainties while pursuing operational automation.”

The partnership agreement will allow the two companies to extend their market presence in key regions such as the USA, Japan, and Europe. This will enable them to offer comprehensive solutions to multinational companies seeking to address their diverse needs.

Speaking about the benefits of the partnership, Walter Buga, CEO of Arendai had this to say, “At Arendai, we believe that collaboration is key to unlocking the full potential of autonomous logistics and intralogistics operations. By combining our cutting-edge software solution, Harmony, with advanced robotics systems from LexxPluss, we can develop new and innovative ways to optimize intralogistics processes and drive business growth for our customers.”

LexxPluss and Arendai will be displaying the integration of their solutions at the Automate Show, one of the largest automations showcase in North America. They can be found at booths #7013 and #7014. In addition, attendees will have the chance to witness live demonstrations of LexxPluss’s latest AMR technology up close and personal at Booth #450 on May 23 and 25.

About LexxPluss

LexxPluss Inc. is a Japanese robotics startup offering Autonomous Mobile Robots. The company’s Hybrid AMR automates existing human-intensive material handling by unique hybrid control technology, which is a combination of autonomous vehicle control and guided line control. LexxPluss distinguishes itself with a larger payload capacity of 500kg, open intellectual property, and APIs, maximized product transparency, and a technical strength advantage from its large team in Japan with decades of experience in industrial robotics and the automotive sector, making them primed for success in the U.S. market.

For more information, please visit www.lexxpluss.com. Follow LexxPluss on LinkedIn and YouTube for future updates and innovations.

About Arendai

Arendai Inc. is a pioneer in the delivery of innovative software management solutions for the orchestration of logistics centers and the intralogistics operations of smart factories. By applying simulation, digital twin, and AI – Arendai delivers optimal orchestration of heterogeneous AMRs and robotics solutions. Arendai has excellent, engaged ecosystem partners with a focus on solving real customer problems and producing an attractive ROI.

Please visit www.arendai.com for more information and follow Arendai on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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