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Laboratory Centrifuge Motors

POSTED 07/14/2021

We supply many customized and standard AC motor units to manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges for chemical, hematology, and cytology testing.

What is a Laboratory Centrifuge?

A laboratory centrifuge is a device used to spin laboratory liquid samples at very high speed in order to separate them into their constituent parts.

Separation exploits differences in physical or chemical properties, for instance, size, shape, mass, density, or chemical affinity between the constituents of a mixture and a high-speed centrifuge motor is vital to achieving successful separation.

Parvalux supplies a wide range of centrifuge motor units to manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges for chemical, haematology and cytology testing.

We offer brushed and brushless centrifuge motors, including three phase units which, when coupled to a centrifuge’s integral frequency inverter, can reach speeds of up to 14000rpm.

Why Choose a Parvalux Laboratory Centrifuge Motor?

Parvalux laboratory centrifuge motors are crafted in our UK factories, where we’ve been building the finest fractional horsepower motors and gearboxes for more than 70 years.

We offer a highly customizable range from a simple alteration of a centrifuge motor to a complete custom design that even incorporates customer infrastructure in our assembly process.

Our experience means you’ll receive complete peace of mind that a centrifuge motor from Parvalux will last for years to come.