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AEON Imaging has activities in the field of machine vision including - Test systems that objectively characterize cameras and image sensors according to the standard EMVA 1288 - Measurement services for cameras and image sensors according to EMVA 1288 - Training courses

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EMVA 1288 Course, New Release 4.0 - Interactive Online Training March 14-16, 2022

POSTED 01/25/2022

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The 1288 standard of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) for objective camera characterization is adopted worldwide and makes it easier to compare cameras and image sensors of different vendors. In addition, the standard also evolved to an indispensable tool to shorten development cycles and improve the quality of cameras and sensors. The standard characterizes the devices strictly by physical parameters. It introduces objective criteria for the rating of sensitivity, noise, spectral sensitivity, dark current, nonuniformity and defective pixels. A one-page standardized summary data sheet makes comparisons easy. End of 2020 a new and significantly extended Release 4 will come into effect. The course will incorporate all major new features of this new release, including extended analysis of nonuniformity, non-linear (HDR) cameras, cameras with preprocessing, irradiation also through a lens, and various multimodal sensors (UV, SWIR, multispectral, polarization, time-of-flight).

Aim of Training Course

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge about the foundation of the new Release 4.0 of the standard
  • Gain experience on the required measuring equipment, optimum set up of the measurements, and analysis of the results.
  • Understand deviations of measurements from ideal behavior
  • Get practical experience with EMVA 1288 measurements
  • Learn how the standard makes camera comparison easy given a target application
  • Training offers all required knowledge to be certified as an EMVA 1288 expert (optional 90 minute online exam after the course)

Target Group

Everyone with technical background involved in camera development and/or testing or in need to evaluate the quality and performance of image sensors and digital cameras.


Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne
HCI, Heidelberg University (

Chair of the EMVA 1288 standardizing committee, EMVA VP (

Language and Course Material

The course will be given in English; participants can choose between English or German handouts of the slides.


Participants need to have a technical background. Basic knowledge of image sensors, digital cameras, and the EMVA 1288 standard is required. This knowledge is, for example, contained in free webinars offered by EMVA, see (currently, the link does not work well. In case of interest, please copy the link, openb a new browser window and paste the link into it).


€ 549 for industry
€ 479 for EMVA members
€ 299 for University and research institutes

Optional examination to be certified as an EMVA 1288 expert

Examination fee of 200 € for EMVA members and 250 € for non-members will be invoiced by EMVA.  Online test in English language lasts 90 minutes. Choose most suitable time in a period of about one week after the course. The required level of knowledge is taught in this course. A successfully passed expert level exam certifies that the holder has acquired all knowledge to perform EMVA 1288 measurements successfully and that he can interpret the measurment results correctly.

Organizational hints

This event takes place ONLINE.

You may cancel your participation in writing as follows:

  • 100% refund for cancellations received 2 weeks before the beginning of the course minus the bank transaction fee and minus 20 € cancellation fee
  • 50% refund for cancellations received until 2 days before the beginning of the course
  • No refund for cancellations received less than 2 days before the beginning of the course.

Replacement participants may be nominated. Relevant for compliance with the cancellation deadline is the date of receipt by the organizer AEON Verlag & Studio GmbH & Co. KG.