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ECM is an innovative motor design and software company that is redefining electric motor design.

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ECM Unveils Fully Integrated Electric Motor Controller That Enables IE5 Efficiency and Is Customizable via CAD

POSTED 10/19/2023

ECM’s 5kW Unum Potentia controller powers ultra-efficient motor systems and greater optimization in a smaller package at a fraction of the cost. 

NEEDHAM, Mass.-- US Electric motor design and software company ECM PCB Stator Tech unveiled a fully integrated, electric motor controller that is fully customizable and facilitates premium system efficiencies.

ECM’s  5kW, Unum Potentia motor controller was developed to maximize the benefits of the Boston-based startup’s PrintStator Motor CAD platform and PCB Stator innovation.

As a unit, the controller delivers a measured efficiency of 98 percent. When combined with a PrintStator designed PCB Stator machine, ECM’s new controller enables IE5 ultra-efficiency performance in electric motor systems.

“The unit efficiency of this ECM controller is what’s driving greater overall system efficiency. With a near 100 percent efficient controller—vs. one in the 80s or low 90s—you’re drawing less system energy to compensate for an inefficient controller,” said ECM CEO Brian Casey.

In addition to premium efficiency, the new motor controller further advances the form factor and design optimization capabilities of ECM’s PrintStator Motor CAD.

As a software platform, PrintStator powers the custom design, manufacture, and integration of PCB Stator electric motors to precise performance and form factor requirements.

ECM’s new motor controller is customizable via PrintSator and fully integrated, both structurally and thermally, to the resulting motor housing. This provides the most compact footprint possible. Pairing the controller to ECM’s PrintStator CAD platform enables full motor system optimization. ECM’s software is capable of outputting motor tuning parameters and translating those into a code file that uploads to the controller This makes ECM’s motor system design capabilities truly plug and play.   

The controller schematic is equipped to run motors from 3kW up to 8kW based on components changes; however, the board itself and its footprint stay the same.

Additional specifications of ECM’s  Unum Potentia motor controller include the following:

  • Operates on a 220 & 480 3 phase AC supply
  • Offers sensorless control capable of running motors down to ~50rpm
  • FETs are capable of switching upwards of 100kHz

ECM’s new motor controller will be available to ECM’s PrintStator SaaS clients—and partners that work with ECM to create optimized PCB Stator electric motor systems—for roughly 1/10th the cost of controllers that support similar electric motor kW ranges.

“With this controller, ECM customers will now have the ability to pursue fully integrated design on our PrintStator platform. Not only can you customize and optimize your PCB Stator motor, you can now design a drive-controller perfectly tuned to your full electric system,” said ECM CEO Brian Casey.

About ECM

ECM PCB Stator Tech uses advanced Motor CAD and patented PCB Stator—printed circuit board—technology to create next generation electric motors for multiple applications. ECM’s PrintStator software powers the design, manufacture, and integration of PCB Stator motors that are lighter, quieter, and more energy and space efficient across a broad range of use cases. ECM designed motors achieve efficiencies in excess of 90 percent while requiring up to 70 percent less raw materials to produce.

ECM has partnered with multiple organizations to create optimized motor solutions across a variety of verticals: HVAC, Consumer Electronics, E-Mobility, Fitness, Medical, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense, and more.

ECM’s design partners include aerospace and defense innovator L3 Harris, global electronics manufacturer Celestica, and consumer electronics startup Nodo Film Systems.

ECM is a winner of four International SaaS Awards, including SaaS Solution of The Year, Best SaaS Product For CSR, Sustainability And ESG, and Best SaaS Product For Engineering Management, PLM Or CAD

ECM’s electric motor design innovation has also received IDEA Awards and AHR Innovation Awards honors.    

You can learn more about ECM’s PCB Stator technology and PrintStator Motor CAD platform at www.pcbstator.com. For inquiries regarding PCB motors and custom solutions, email [email protected].


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