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Cincoze is a professional manufacturer of embedded computers. We design, manufacture, and sell fanless embedded computers, industrial panel PCs and monitors, and rugged industrial GPU embedded systems for demanding industrial applications and harsh environments.

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Cincoze Awarded UL Certification, Raising Safety Standards

POSTED 08/29/2022

Taipei, Taiwan, August 29, 2022— In harsh industrial environments, product safety is critical. Cincoze knows this. So, as a leading rugged embedded computer brand, our whole product lineup is specifically designed to improve safety. During product design, our engineers use Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE) design principles and material selection to ensure our products meet and exceed information and communication technology (ICT) and audio-visual (AV) safety standards to comply with the international IEC 62368-1, the EU CE mark for low voltage directive (LVD) EN 62368. Now, Cincoze is applying for UL certification for more products to further ensure they meet strict safety standards.

Built on HBSE High Security Specifications
A safe industrial environment is built on environmental and equipment safety, and any embedded system built in line with HBSE and installed in a device must pass IEC 62368-1 at a minimum. HBSE requires that, regardless of normal or faulty product operation, the safety of the operator is ensured when touching the device. The device must protect the operator from injury due to electric shock or burns, allow safe use with the predictable operation, and prevent any electrical fires that could cause personal injury or property damage. HBSE requirements include the use of self-extinguishing plastics, fuses for all connectors, fire-resistant wires, and additional thermal protection, to eliminate any chance of shutting down the production line or causing danger that could result in inestimable losses. Underwriter Laboratories Inc (UL) is the most authoritative safety laboratory in the United States engaged in global safety testing and identification.  UL certification is not mandatory, but based on the insistence on product quality and safety, Cincoze took the initiative to apply for UL certification. Currently, the Rugged Computing - DIAMOND product line’s power efficient and basic embedded computer (DA-1100) and the Display Computing - CRYSTAL product line’s computer modules (P2102, P2102E) have achieved UL Listing Certification in the US and Canada, while the Display Computing - CRYSTAL product line’s 19-, 21-, and 24-inch display modules (CV-100 series) and sunlight readable display modules (CS-100 series) have achieved UL Component Recognition Certification in the US and Canada. New products will also be set for certification.

Your Reliable Partner in the Industrial Field
Cincoze is committed to the research and development of reliable and stable embedded computers. In addition to the safety that the product itself must have, and numerous robust design features, they have passed strict international testing standards, ensuring continuous stable operation in harsh environments. Some of the extensive international tests include EMC, ruggedness, vibration and shock resistance, and operating temperature.

  • Safety: IEC/EN 62368-1 and UL safety certification actively eliminate potential safety problems.
  • Electromagnetic: CE, FCC, UKCA, and other certifications ensure EMC compliance
  • Ruggedness: IP65 testing ensures against damage from the ingress of dust and low pressure water jets from all angles.
  • Vibration and shock: resistance MIL-STD-810G, IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-27, and other certifications, ensure that the product can withstand impact during transportation, operation, and storage without getting damaged.
  • Wide temperature: IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-2, and IEC 60068-2-14 certifications demonstrate that products can withstand the wide temperature range of -40°C to 70°C in industrial environments

These tests and certifications guarantee product reliability and are an important reason why our customers choose Cincoze products.

About Cincoze 
Cincoze is a rugged embedded computer brand providing diversified embedded computer solutions tailored to market needs. Its product lines include rugged embedded computers, industrial panel PCs, industrial displays, and embedded GPU computers. Cincoze products meet various vertical markets' application needs, especially factory automation, mechanical automation, machine vision, AIoT, robotics, in-vehicle computing, smart transportation, smart warehousing, and logistics. Over the years, Cincoze has launched many innovative products and won several patents, awards and international certifications.