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Case Study eBook: Robotics, AGV and AMR

POSTED 11/27/2022

AI-enabled Robotics - Vision, Perception & Autonomy

From production line to warehouse, AI inference powered embedded computers and robotics increase efficiency, provide 24/7 operation, and minimize the use of man power. The new generation of industrial computers offer excellent computational performance. They can be deployed into VGR (vision guided robotics) to increase accuracy of pick-and-place applications for items with complex shapes. AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) integrated with compact, low-power consumption computers delivering high TOPS/ TFLOPS inference performances in warehouses can self–plan routes and avoid obstacles to carry goods from A to B.


Discover our success cases:

  • Medical Imaging Mobile X-ray
  • Weedburner - Identify and Eliminate
  • Broccoli/ Fruit Harvesting
  • Seaport Automation
  • Hand-eye Coordination Vision Guided Robotic Solution

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