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Arendai Releases Harmony 1.0

POSTED 09/20/2022

Arendai, Inc., a pioneer in the delivery of innovative software management solutions for orchestration of logistics center operations, officially released Harmony 1.0 on Sept. 20, 2022.

Arendai's Harmony 1.0 is an orchestration software solution that delivers optimal management, control, and coordination of humans and AMRs for more successful autonomous logistics center operations.

Harmony's Overall Customer Benefits 

Our Harmony product is critical for scalable growth and increased ROI for the logistics centers of the future, as it provides holistic optimization from a fully integrated solution, while eliminating paperwork and human errors. 

Harmony 1.0 features four major modules: 

  • Digital Twin (TwinsSync ™) 
  • Simulation 
  • Task Planner 
  • Fleet Orchestration 

Harmony uses a digital twin to simulate, plan, and manage the logistic center real- time operations. TwinsSync unifies operational data to enable a holistic view for logistics center operations, and allows for continuous monitoring and optimization of operation, while reducing inefficiencies.

Simulation focuses on critical operational KPIs improvements. Creating simulations of multiple optimization scenarios before implementing automation reduces the risks, cost, and time for a final optimized solution.

The Task Planner ensures the optimal execution plan, for humans and robots, while optimizing throughput, operational efficiency and KPIs. Updates are reported to ERP and WMS/WES in real-time. Advanced AI/ML based algorithms and edge computing are the core enablers for this reliable and scalable solution.

Fleet Orchestration enables a unified view for continuous robotics fleet management, while optimizing robotics applications and workflow design. The traffic is managed and optimized in real-time using AI. Fleet orchestration and fleet management enable heterogeneous solutions and system wide optimization, with no single vendor dependencies, by eliminating silo solutions.   

About Arendai

By applying simulation, digital twin, and AI - Arendai delivers optimal orchestration of heterogenous AMRs and robotics solutions. 

Arendai has excellent, engaged ecosystem partners with a focus on solving real customer problems and producing an attractive ROI.  

Arendai is a member of the Intel® Network Builders program.

TwinsSync ™ is an Arendai registered trademark.

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