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AIA Offers Certified Vision Professional Training in Boston

POSTED 05/04/2010

First Step to Company Certification

Individuals can now attain certification as a machine vision professional (basic level) through a new program launched by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), the global industry’s trade group.

To earn “CVP” status, individuals need to pass a test based on the basic tutorial programs AIA offers in the fundamentals of machine vision, beginning lighting & optics, basic vision software and algorithms, and camera and image sensor technology basics.

The first round of tests will be offered during The Vision Show & Conference in Boston, May 24-27, 2010.  Each of the tutorials will be offered during the Conference as well.

AIA stated that individual certification is the first step towards certification of system integration companies.

“The idea for certifying integrators was brought to AIA by our member integrators who want to be able to demonstrate their experience and capabilities via certification,” said Jeffrey A. Burnstein, AIA’s President.

“End users also agree that integrator certification has value and are looking to AIA to provide this.  While all of the details of company certification aren’t finalized yet, we do know that one key element will be the qualifications of individual employees at integration companies, which is why we’ve established base level certification right now.  Soon, we will roll out more advanced level certification courses for individuals and finalize our company certification criteria,” Burnstein explained.

Individuals who work for machine vision supplier or user companies also will benefit from becoming certified, Burnstein said.

“We believe that achieving certification will be an asset to individuals who want to establish their knowledge base within their company and industry.  As the world’s leading machine vision trade association, AIA certification will be a very impressive achievement for career advancement,” he asserted.

Founded in 1984, AIA now represents more than 285 machine vision suppliers, system integrators, end users, consulting firms, and research organizations.  The association is best known for developing industry standards such as GigE Vision® and Camera Link®; the annual AIA Market Study; the annual AIA Business Conference; The Vision Show & Conference; and Machine Vision Online, the world’s leading resource for machine vision information.

For details on the certification classes and the exam in Boston, visit online

For more details about AIA and its certification programs, please contact Dana Whalls at +1 734/994-6088.