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Nexen Group Announces Partnership with Mechatronics in Motion

POSTED 07/14/2015

Vadnais Heights, MN – Nexen Group, Inc., is pleased to announce a new partnership with Mechatronics In Motion, an experienced sales organization that represents premium manufacturers of precision motion control products. Mechatronics In Motion has a 31-year track record that includes the engineering, marketing, and technical sales of motion control products in the Pacific Northwest and around the globe. The company now provides expert coverage of Nexen’s innovative precision motion control products in the Pacific Northwest region, including Oregon and Washington.

Nexen Group, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control solutions including linear drive systems, precision rotary indexers, and linear locking components. Nexen Group’s power transmission products include: spring set brakes, tooth clutches and torque limiters for a wide variety of automation applications in the Aerospace, Robotics, Machine Tool, Automotive, Packaging, Material Handling and Medical industries.

“We are pleased to team up with a partner that has such an in-depth understanding, both of our products and the marketplace,” said Tim Dillon, VP of Sales and Marketing at Nexen. “We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Mechatronics in Motions.”

“With the addition of Nexen Group to our product portfolio,” said Troy Lake, President at Mechatronics In Motion, “we build on our practice of adding synergistic product lines that allow us to provide complete automation solutions for our customers’ needs.”

About Nexen Group, Inc.
Our heritage is built on producing technically superior products while providing the highest level of customer support. As a leading manufacturer of precision motion control components, power transmission and web tension control products, Nexen works to remain at the forefront of cutting edge engineering and production excellence. Our production capabilities include computerized control and testing systems, dry cutting applications, special coating processes, over 80 multi-axis precision CNC machine tools and automated assembly. By working with Nexen, our customers experience innovations that adhere to industry specifications, optimize their metrics and provide solutions focused on increased uptime, longer machine life and reduced maintenance.

PR Contact
Julie Elefttheriou
Tel: 952.913.3065

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