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Mechatronics Sourcebook

POSTED 09/27/2006

Mechatronics SourcebookMechatronics Sourcebook

Newton Braga

First Edition

Mechatronics specialists play an important role today. Like a "jack of all trades," these technical professionals know how to install a new machine, make necessary connections to electronic circuits, and design required control software. The result of a union of electronics and mechanics, success in this field requires an understanding of robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and artificial intelligence. These topics, and more, are the subject of our new Mechatronics Sourcebook. A "must" for anyone who designs, studies, or works with mechatronics projects, the book begins with a review of basic chemistry and physics principles, as well as key mechanics formulas.

Later chapters invite readers to explore pneutronics and hydronics applications, electric motors and relays, servo systems, power electronics and power supplies, and more. Relevant information on microcontrollers and microprocessors, PC interfacing, memory applications, programmable controls and digital logic is also included, providing immediate and hassle-free access to all of the information required for success as a highly-skilled, professional mechatronics specialist.

  • short, concise chapters enable readers to readily absorb complex technical information and quickly locate the information they need to complete pre-determined tasks
  • handy tables, formulas, circuits, component characteristics and applications are included for use as a reference by all who work, study, or design mechatronics projects
  • comprehensive coverage serves as a single, "go to" source for concise explanations of basic electronics and mechanics principles plus related information on pneumatics, hydraulics and artificial intelligence

Table of Contents:
Foreword (2 pages) Author Profile Dedication, Introduction Goal of Book, Additional References

  1. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry - Formulas and Tables Units – SI – conversions - tables Formulas for Cartesian Coordinates Formulas for Polar Coordinates Physical Constants Units Conversions Time Basic Mathematics Graphics Useful Tables Additional References Chemistry formulas
  2. Mechanics Formulas and Tables Torque Pulleys Springs Grippers Rack and Pinion Cams Energy and Power
  3. Pneutronics and Hydronics Basic formulas Tables Devices (pistons, presure, etc) Applications
  4. Electric Motors DC motors (common and brushless) Stepper motors Piezoelectric motors Control and reversion Bridges 
  5. Relays Fomulas Tables Basic circuit Characteristics for practical applications 
  6. Solenoids Measures Characteristics Formulas Applications
  7. Servos Formulas Tables Characteristics Applications
  8. Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) Characteristics of Nitinol alloys Commercial types Practical applications Useful Formulas and tables 
  9. Sensors Photoelectric Piezoelectric Position Hall effect Pressure Sound Reed switches and micro switches Humidity 
  10. Power Electronics Bipolar transistor Darlingtons Power MOSFETs SCRs Power ICs Triacs IGBTs UJT Others 
  11. Power Supplies Cells Batteries AC Power line supplies Voltage regulators PWM information Alternative energy sources (solar, wind, fuel, etc)
  12. Microcontrollers and Microprocessors Basic Stamp PICs 80C51 DSPs COP8 Others – Interfacing with the PC Ports (serial/parallel) Slots Wireless DACs and ADCs Software (access to the ports – Delphi, VB, C++. Pascal, Logo, etc) - Memories Simple home made memories Types Applications Basic information for programing – Programmable Controls Tables Formulas Types – Logic Digital Logic Formulas and tables Families of digital circuits Basic circuits - Links - Addresses

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