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Driving Machines Beyond Limits Elmo Motion Control is a leading manufacturer of innovative motion control technologies, with over 30 years of experience and millions of servo drives operating worldwide in every industry. Elmo's drives, controllers, and integrated motors are designed with emphasis on performance, efficiency, reliability, safety and simplicity. Elmo also produces products for harsh environments that can operate in extreme environmental conditions with temperatures ranging from -40° C to 70° C, altitudes of up to 40,000 feet, and high mechanical shocks or intense vibrations. The company is headquartered in Israel, employs more than 300 staff worldwide, and has a dedicated presence in the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, China, Korea and Singapore.

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Elmo’s Compact New Gold Duet Integrated Servo Drive and Motor Reduces Costs for Lab Applications

POSTED 01/20/2014

Elmo Motion Control will display the Gold Duet, its new generation of compact, integrated servo drives and motors, at SLAS 2014 San Diego (Jan 18-22, Stand 941).

Elmo’s highly advanced, compact products offer excellent cost-cutting advantages for laboratory screening Elmo's Compact New Gold Duet Integrated Servo Drive and Motor Reduces Costs for Lab Applicationssystems and robots, portable scanning and diagnostics systems, microscopy automation and other applications.

The new Gold Duet is a drive-motor system that integrates a high performance servo motor with an intelligent Gold servo drive, making it ideal for use in compact lab machines and medical devices.  

This EtherCAT-based system saves machine space, minimizes wiring, cuts EMI and reduces installation and maintenance costs.  The Gold Duet is available in a full range of flange sizes (40, 60, 80, and 130) and power ranges (30 W – 5 kW).

Elmo’s Gold Line series of servo drives for any motor offers outstanding performance with a rich selection of features: intelligent motion functions (OC, Master-Slave Follower, Modulo, Dynamic Braking, ECAM,PIP Cascaded Vector Control, I2t Protection); DS-402 profile modes; the ability to handle any feedback; certified STO safety compliance; up to 65 kW of power; and UL and IEC 61800 certification to 800 VDC and 530 VAC.  The Gold Line is fully compliant with both EtherCAT and CANopen protocols.

All of Elmo's Gold Line products are easily and precisely controlled and synchronized using Elmo’s Gold Maestro motion controller, which brings single and multi-axis equipment to the highest level of performance possible.  The Gold Maestro offers advanced features like Elmo’s Flying Vision™ which enables ‘on-the-fly’ updates of target positions using motion blending and transitions, superimposed motion and other capabilities. It also supports Delta robots and kinematics, and 1D, 2D and 3D error correction.  Adhering to EtherCAT and CANopen networking standards, the Gold Maestro brings cost-effective integration, enabling fast implementation using standard programming environments.

At SLAS 2014, Elmo will show EASII, the exciting new generation Elmo Application Studio that “walks you through” drive and motion configuration and places the full power of Elmo’s knowledge at your fingertips.  The Windows®-based EASII provides a complete set of Quick EtherCAT configuration, and Tuning wizards to get machines moving in minutes, as well as a comprehensive motion control design and debugging environment that speeds drive and motion sequence optimization, and shortens development time.

About Elmo Motion Control
Elmo designs and manufactures cutting-edge servo drives and network motion controllers that are one-stop solutions for any motion control technology. As a leading global company with over 25 years of experience and millions of servos at work worldwide, we bring our clients profitability and success. With a focus on performance, reliability, safety and standards compliance, our solutions are integrated in a wide variety of industrial and extreme environments applications. 
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