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Automation Systems & Controls announce selection of Cognex as Mitsubishi Electric’s Vision Sensor Partner

POSTED 09/16/2008

Automation Systems & Controls, distributors for Mitsubishi Automation Products and Cognex Machine Vision Systems, have announced that Mitsubishi Electric have chosen Cognex as their Vision Sensor Partner. 

Cognex have signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Electric to jointly develop and market Cognex vision sensor products to Mitsubishi Electric’s customers around the world. 

Mitsubishi Electric, based in Tokyo, Japan, provide factory automation products (e.g. programmable controllers, motion controls and industrial robots). 

Cognex will work with Mitsubishi Electric to develop specially-configured versions of Cognex In-Sight vision systems that will be designed to integrate seamlessly with Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation products. 

In addition to collaborating on product development, the two companies will also jointly promote their integrated solutions at events such as tradeshows and seminars.

As a result of this collaboration, Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation customers will be able to purchase Cognex vision sensors and quickly deploy them in their manufacturing operations. 

Cognex expect that this partnership will significantly accelerate the sale of their vision systems, first in Japan and eventually in the fast-growing markets throughout Asia. 

“Cognex machine vision systems are already being used together with Mitsubishi factory automation products to help guide robots, to direct motion control systems and to automate a wide range of manufacturing processes,” said Dr. Robert J. Shillman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cognex. 

“This new partnership, which will result in dramatically improved connectivity between our respective products, is expected to increase the sale of both Cognex vision systems and Mitsubishi’s factory automation products against our common competitors.” 

“Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s most highly respected factory automation companies, and is the largest provider of factory automation products in Japan and Asia. We are proud to be selected as their vision sensor partner,” said Eric Ceyrolle, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Cognex. 

“The power of Cognex vision will make it easier and faster than ever for Mitsubishi’s customers to improve the overall performance of their manufacturing processes.”