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New Motion Control Industry Association Announced for this Multi-Billion Dollar Market

POSTED 09/11/2006  | By: Motion Control Association (MCA)

New Motion Control Industry Association Announced for this Multi-Billion Dollar Market
(posted 09/13/2006)

How can a multi-billion dollar market remain virtually hidden except to those customers, manufacturers, and suppliers that are an intimate part of it? The term “Motion Control” encompasses electric motors, electronic drives and the various controls that constitute the motion control system. These systems perform moves and tasks needed by equipment found in the office and the factory. Tens of thousands of applications quietly use motion control systems in one form or another. The considerable breadth of motion control components and systems makes it extremely difficult to quantify the motion control industry in the US and around the world.

A New Industry Organization – The MCA
A new global trade organization, the Motion Control Association (MCA) has formed to establish a coordinated effort for these primary association activities:

• Motion Control Industry Statistics
• Market Exposure
• Sales Opportunities
• Standards Development
• Overseas Trade Missions
• Education and Training

The Motion Control Association (MCA) is a not-for-profit trade group dedicated to promoting the understanding and use of motion control technologies and developing business opportunities for mechanical and electronic (mechatronics) motion control companies.

The MCA is part of the Automation Technologies Council (ATC), an umbrella group serving over 500 automation companies working in robotics, machine vision and related technologies worldwide. The compatibility between the new MCA and its sister groups RIA (Robotic Industries Association) and AIA (Automated Imaging Association) has helped launch MCA as the definitive association for manufacturers and suppliers of motors, drives, controls and associated motion control products.

The US Motion Control Market Size
Is there enough market size to support a new motion control industry trade association? Depending on which market research company’s report you consult, the current US market size for motion control annual sales varies significantly from $1.25 billion to $2.25 billion; and if one includes industrial PC and PLC’s then the motion control industry size grows to $4 billion – this certainly supports a new industry association. MCA hopes to establish some basic definitions and standard reporting platforms for electric/electronic motion control for more consistency in reporting the overall market numbers.

The breadth of motion control is represented by the thousands of applications that use motion control products today. The major markets that use controlled motors, drives and controls include the following:

• Factory Automation
• Manufacturing
• Office Automation
• Packaging
• Transportation
• Food Industries
• Instrumentation
• Aerospace and Defense
• Semiconductor Equipment
• Material Handling

Each of these markets can be divided into market segments and application families that are further divided into a myriad of applications.

MCA plans to collect motion control sales information divided into important market segments, and will utilize the same independent accounting firm that collects and analyzes the RIA and AIA market data. This data will help MCA members and their customers achieve a better understanding of the motion control market to better strategize for their success.

Join Us and Help Develop this Trade Association for an Exciting Global Industry
These charter companies recognized early that there was a strong need for a new motion control association and joined MCA. Eighteen companies have currently joined as charter members:

• Applied Motion Products
• Baldor Electric
• Baumuller
• Danaher Industrial Control
• Danaher Motion
• Exlar
• Incremotion Associates
• Nook Industries
• Omron Electronics
• Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America
• Parker Hannifin Corporation
• Pilz Automation Safety
• Renco Encoders
• Rockwell Automation
• Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
• THK America
• Tol-O-Matic
• Yaskawa Electric America, Inc.

Both large companies and small are listed in this charter group. Any company that makes, sells or uses any electric motor or actuator (linear or rotary) that is controlled with some form of feedback signals (hardware or software) and electronic driven by controlling in torque, speed, position, current or voltage or a combination are eligible for MCA membership. Charter members are still determining the range and scope of the various motion control products and components. You are invited to help us ‘fine tune’ the definition of motion control.

Market Exposure and Sales Opportunities
The MCA website, Motion Control Online will be a major tool for promoting the association objectives. It is also a very effective sales tool for member companies as it will feature an easy to use Buyer’s Guide so users can find suppliers and products. There are many free resources including news, useful technical articles, application stories, new user tips and an “Ask the Experts” program that pull traffic to the site. Advertising options on the site will also be available. This website will be heavily promoted and will follow the successful formula developed by the AIA (www.machinevisiononline.org) and RIA (www.roboticsonline.com) which are slated to hit over 1.5 million and 1.8 million visits per year to their sites respectively.

MCA will be part of the 2007 International Robots and Vision Show and exhibit space in a heavily promoted Motion Control Pavilion will be available to MCA members at discounted prices. Launched in 1976, this successful biennial show will be held June 12-14, 2007 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois.

MCA will also help its members reach new markets by investigating emerging markets and reporting where opportunities exist. Members will be invited to participate in MCA sponsored trade missions to new global markets.

The impact of higher energy efficiency and environmental and product safety issues have influenced national and international standards and they play an increasingly important role in the industry. The influence and coordination of a strong industry trade association is needed to play a more active role in the standards development process. MCA will get involved in the area of standards to benefit manufacturers and users alike.

Education of both Users and Suppliers
Another key activity for MCA will be education and training of manufacturers and users by sponsoring conferences, workshops, networking events and related education activities. Training sessions for manufacturers can be held for personnel to sharpen their work skills. Users can attend classes on how to properly justify, use and select motion control components and successfully apply them. MCA can be the focal point for these interdisciplinary training courses using both outside and inside sources.

Welcome Aboard
For those manufacturers and suppliers, users, consultants and academics, welcome to the new trade association and its website. We look forward to becoming the leading global mechatronics resource. Please join us in building a strong industry trade association for the motion control business. To find out more about MCA or for information on how your company can become a Charter Member, click here.