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Future-oriented solutions are created at SensoPart – and developed and produced at our Gottenheim and Wieden sites. Those entering the new SensoPart buildings in Gottenheim near Freiburg immediately notice that this is an innovative, open company. This first impression of order and transparency is confirmed by a glance at our production facilities: everything is in the right place here and everyone knows what they are doing. The result is the famous quality “made in Germany”, of which we at SensoPart are particularly proud. Less obvious, but nevertheless decisive for the whole, is our development department. We do everything to give new ideas and innovations space here. Regardless of whether the optimisation of a product’s functional detail is involved or whether it is necessary to come up with a completely new product family, our development engineers are committed with a lot of energy and great expertise. Numerous Innovation Prizes in recent years document this: with success!

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When it comes to accurate detection, blue has no limits

POSTED 05/09/2022

BlueLight sensors are the simple, cost-effective alternative to supplementing your optical sensors with more complex detection methods. A cool, all-in-one sensor solution for a wide range of industries – including automotive, plastics, packaging, and pharmaceuticals – they address all your application needs without additional costs or installation time. Robust, reliable, and easy to use, they deliver comprehensive object detection with no limits. Improve your downtime with the all-round performance of BlueLight – the new standard for fast, accurate detection sensors.

Blue light makes black visible

Developed specifically by SensoPart to recognise objects that are difficult to detect, BlueLight sensors are true all-rounders.

They deliver much greater detection efficiency than standard optical sensors in challenging applications – including glossy, curved, deep black, or transparent objects, which present enormous challenges for proximity sensors.

To ensure process stability during detection, optical sensors may need to be replaced by other sensor principles, such as photoelectric or ultrasonic sensors. However, optical BlueLight sensors are a cool and cost-efficient alternative, offering much greater process stability than conventional red light proximity sensors in many critical applications for the automotive, plastics, packaging, and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Robust and reliable, BlueLight sensors achieve very high process stability thanks to an instantaneous response, regardless of the shape, colour, or structure of the object to be detected.

Even when faced with multiple challenges – for example, black objects with a high gloss surface and a wide detection angle – BlueLight sensors have repeatedly proven their worth, whenever fast, accurate, and comprehensive object detection is the goal.

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