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Robotics Technology ProviderRobotics | Member Since 1994
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute researchers solve a wide range of robotics and industrial automation problems. From work on the Mars Rover in the 1970’s to a present collaboration with Lockheed Martin on DARPA’s Team Trooper, Rensselaer merges cutting edge research with the applied to educate students with excellent practical skills backed by a solid theoretical understanding. Our Center for Automation Technologies and Systems helps companies with challenging robotics or industrial automation problems identify and access the right talent to realize effective applied R&D solutions. We help companies ranging from start-ups with a germ of an idea to multi-nationals developing automated manufacturing lines located on other continents. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your next robotics and industrial automation systems challenge, and we know that our expertise and objectivity will be a valuable asset in finding creative solutions to the most challenging industrial problems.