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To handle the rising global demand for goods and services, companies require individualized solutions for increasingly complex production processes. For decades, industrial robots have proven to be a general-purpose tool that plays an important role in dealing with the rising complexity. Yet, there is still a gap in the field of human-machine interactions which prevents merging the benefits of both worlds. At NEURA Robotics, we bridge the gap of human-robot interaction by advancing robots’ cognitive abilities with groundbreaking leaps in environment perception, mechanical design, and artificial intelligence. We have successfully introduced the first-ever commercially available cognitive robot, MAiRA, together with MAV –the Multi-Sensing Autonomous Vehicle and LARA - the Lightweight Agile Robotic Assistant. By giving the robot what is currently missing: senses and a mind, we aim to not only revolutionize modern production sites but also conquer new markets such as medical technologies, home automation, food and agricultural production.