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LightGuide is the leading projected augmented reality (AR) software platform that transforms manual assembly and manufacturing processes for companies worldwide. 

Today, LightGuide works with a variety of leading automotive, aerospace & defense, electronics, food and beverage, diverse manufacturing, and healthcare companies to solve a growing variety of challenges.

LightGuide is headquartered in Wixom, Michigan,  with an EU office in the Czech Republic and an AP office in Suzhou, China. LightGuide is currently running in 34 countries worldwide.

LightGuide’s projected augmented reality (AR) software platform with patented Industry 4.0 technology dramatically standardizes and improves any manual process by projecting virtual step-by-step instructions onto an employee’s work surface.

Easily adapted to specific environments, we streamline and error-proof manufacturing processes across a wide range of industries. There is a LightGuide solution for the primary applications on the factory floor, including assembly, part picking and kitting, testing and inspection, training, and maintenance.