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Keller is a Representative Agency specializing in mechatronic components for OEM designs and for advanced manufacturing sites. We were founded in 1937 and are based today in Rochester, NY, and we have outside sales representatives in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Long Island, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

Our expertise is focused on engineered mechatronic components for rotating and linear motion, machine safeguarding, protective covers, cable and hose management, aluminum-profile framing, process temperature control, and magnetic handling.

We represent top brands in our territory of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and Washington DC.

Our first representation contract is dated in 1966, and that relationship remains strong to this day.

While 85%+ of our business is derived from our role as representatives, we do maintain a small active distributorship for products that are synergistic with our core base of “represented manufacturers” for OEM customers. This is often an attractive arrangement for innovative global manufacturers who do not yet have a US subsidiary.

Vincent Nolan, our CEO, is a graduate of the MRERF Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative (CPMR) program, a 3-year course of study, which is considered in the industry as a “mini-MBA” focused on rep firm professionalism and best practices. Vin serves on the board of directors within MRERF/IPA. Vin is also an Electrical Engineering graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Keller manages an overall territory of 5000+ customers and 100+ AHTD and PTDA distributor branches. Approximately 65% of our sales are sold “direct” to the customer, and approximately 80% of our sales are OEM-base

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Vincent Nolan
Telephone: (716) 635-9500
160 Allens Creek Rd
Ste 274
Rochester, NY 14618-3311
United States