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Automated systems and controls are a fundamental part of modern life. They include any system that uses a sensor and then automatically makes adjustments to the system based on the data the sensor provides. That means everything from the automatic gate at a parking ramp to complex robot-driven manufacturing systems. Dunwoody’s bachelor completion degree in Automation & Controls Engineering Technology is specifically for those looking to land engineering and management positions in the field. As a completion degree, it provides a path to a four-year degree for graduates with two-year degrees in electrical maintenance, electronics, mechatronics, industrial controls, and robotics. Students without a two-year degree who are interested in the most direct path the Bachelor of Science in Automation & Controls Engineering Technology should apply to Dunwoody’s Automated Systems & Robotics or Industrial Controls & Robotics programs. Controls engineering combines a variety of disciplines, including electrical design, PLC (programmable logic controller) applications, robotics, motors, machine vision, auto-guided vehicles, and factory automation. Students in Dunwoody’s program take advanced coursework in each of those areas. They also take classes in mathematics, physics, project management, and engineering so they develop the critical thinking, communication, and managerial skills required of the modern engineer. Classes are lab-intensive so students can apply what they learn to real-world projects. The program incorporates a senior capstone project in its final semester that gives students the chance to demonstrate industry-relevant controls engineering experience.