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Chromasens is a leading and innovative expert in line scan technology with strong OEM customization expertise in machine vision solutions. Chromasens high performance cameras and high intensity LED line lighting systems are efficiently synchronized and can be used on their modular line scan vision platform to build a scalable and fully-customizable vision system with short installation time. Chromasens line scan camera solutions are used for image acquisition and processing systems in 2D, 3D, Mono, RGB, UV, NIR and SWIR for inspection, quality control, detection, analysis and measurement in high-speed inspection applications. As part of the TKH Vision Group, Chromasens operates the TKH Vision Solution Center with its strong OEM customization capabilities. The company is based in Constance, Germany, and is ISO 9001 certified. Production, as well as research and development, take place in Germany. Chromasens offers professional advice and support throughout each phase of the project cycle to its direct and project customers who require customized, individual image capturing solutions. The company’s standardized image processing components are distributed worldwide via certified value-added distributors.

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Jeremy Jowers
Director of Sales and Business Development, Americas
Telephone: (205) 600-4831
2433 Dogwood Ln
Suite 502
Orange Park, FL 32073-5477
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