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Cincoze DS-1202 Accelerates AMR Deployment and Improves Logistics Efficiency in Factories

POSTED 07/05/2022

Industry 4.0 is raising customer expectations for highly customized automation solutions. Big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and robot technologies can do more than just optimize manufacturing processes; they are core features for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving quality. In recent years, many companies have introduced AMRs with robotic arms and vision capabilities to complement and collaborate with operators, taking over repetitive and dangerous work so that personnel can focus on higher-value activities. Applications have gradually expanded from warehouse management and logistics to medical care, equipment inspection, agriculture, catering, and tourism. 

An AMR uses its hands, eyes, brain, and feet for smarter intralogistics, automatically identifying and picking up objects of various shapes. Through route planning, real-time positioning, and intelligent dynamic detection of the environment set by the management software, it can maneuver to avoid obstacles in the factory and quickly transport and unload items at the target location, a significant development in modern manufacturing.

Our customer is a well-known European robot manufacturer. Its AMR project uses the DS-1202 for computing and control and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card for extra GPU processing power. The AMR can transport goods autonomously, picking and unloading using machine vision and robotic arms. For factories facing increased utilization and expanded capacity, while struggling with pandemic workforce shortages and zero-contact loading and unloading regulations, AMRs provide a smart and flexible automation solution for optimizing intralogistics. 

Customer Requirement
GPU Expansion for Machine Vision

The computer at the heart of an AMR needs to have enough computing power to quickly perform AI inference to identify objects and enable machine learning. For fast inference, the embedded computer must support PCIe expansion to accommodate the customer’s chosen NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti high-performance GPU card.

Various Sensors and High-speed I/O
AMRs in a factory must move and identify objects quickly. In addition to the fast operation of the GPU, the USB and COM ports that connect to industrial cameras, sensors, and LiDAR must also function quickly to ensure the AMR’s optimal performance. The AMR must also support the addition of a robotic arm, so it needs to connect to motors and motor control components to achieve diverse robot motion capabilities. Industrial computers for AMRs must have abundant I/O ports and allow flexible expansion.

High System Reliability
GPUs generate a lot of heat, and combined with the small, confined space in an AMR puts a strain on an industrial embedded computer. The computer must have good heat dissipation, wide temperature range support, and have a high-strength anti-vibration structure to ensure continuous, stable, and long uninterrupted operation.

Why Cincoze?
High Performance and PCIe Expansion

The Cincoze DS-1202 embedded computer provides excellent CPU performance to handle machine vision and AI computing tasks. The DS-1202 supports 9th/8th generation Intel® Core™ processors and DDR4-2666 SO-DIMM memory to meet the needs of multiple workloads in the IoT era. The DS-1202 also provides 2× PCI/PCIe expansion slots for additional expansion of GPU cards, high-speed I/O cards, motion control cards and more. The DS-1202 offers high-efficiency computing power for high-performance industrial applications such as artificial intelligence, machine vision, and video surveillance.

Rich I/O and Flexible Expansion Functions
The DS-1202 has the computing power needed for machine vision, supporting a variety of high-speed I/O connections for quick and responsive data processing. The DS-1202 is equipped with rich I/O such as 2× GbE LAN, 8× USB, 1× DVI-I, and 2× DisplayPort, as well as providing 3× full-size Mini-PCIe slots suitable for Wi-Fi, 4G, and GPS wireless communication modules. Paired with Cincoze’s exclusive CMI and CFM modules, the DS-1202 supports additional I/O for functions such as GbE LAN, M12, COM, DIO, power ignition sensing (IGN), and up to 8× GbE LAN/PoE.

Rugged Design
The DS-1202 embedded system’s rugged reliability comes from special industrial designs and protections, such as fanless and cableless design, wide operating temperature support (40–70°C), wide range power input (9–48VDC), 50G/5G high shock/vibration resistance, and other industrial-grade power protections (OVP, OCP, and ESD). In addition, the unique heat dissipation design and optional internal and external fan kits further improve heat dissipation. The DS-1202 has passed rigorous testing and is certified to EN 50155 (EN 50121-3-2) and EN 62368-1 for use in harsh industrial environments.

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