Want to Hire Graduating Engineers in 2024? Now’s the Time to Start

As the school year begins, filling your entry level positions for next year may seem like a distant priority. But if recent hiring trends are any indication, the time is now to secure the top engineering talent from the 2024 graduating class.

Graduating engineers offer a crucial resource for companies grappling with a skills gap and looking to capitalize on the possibilities of Industry 4.0. Students from the leading engineering institutions come with hands-on experience and an eagerness to begin their careers. So much so, that as they begin their fall semesters, they also embark on their post-graduate job search.

The Fall Semester Job Search

We spoke with Katie Surkamer, president of 3P Mechatronics Group, a specialized recruiting firm focused on placing graduating engineers in the automation industry, about the hiring process. She explains that in the past couple of years, graduates have been securing jobs in the fall by giving the search top priority alongside their coursework.

“The demand for these students is higher than it's ever been before,” Surkamer says. “The recruiting process is like an additional class for these candidates. For them to be able to have that box checked that they've got their dream job upon graduation — then they can really focus on other things on campus that they need to be focusing on.”

How to Capitalize on Talent

If a company wants to secure the best talent, Surkamer emphasizes speed and transparency as two important factors to prioritize.

“Today’s hiring process speed is at an all-time high due to the competitive market in hiring a graduate engineer,” says Surkamer. These students are actively attending job fairs, connecting with recruiters, and landing interviews throughout the fall semester. She also notes that these candidates are openly discussing the process with their peers, from salaries to bonuses, giving them an advantage in negotiations not often seen with green employees.

When it comes to addressing a skills gap, Surkamer thinks hiring these individuals right out of engineering programs is an ideal way for a company to build their bench for the future. In her experience recruiting at top programs, these candidates are open-minded and eager to learn new things through training, on-the-job experience, and professional development.

A3 has partnered with 3P Mechatronics to connect our members with the star talent they need from the 2024 graduating class. With Surkamer’s personal approach and 30 years of experience, 3P Mechatronics Group has achieved unparalleled success matching the right engineer with the right role and company. To learn more and start recruiting with 3P, click here.