A3 Excels at the 2023 BrandSmart Awards

For over 45 years, Association for Advancing Automation (A3), has advocated for the benefits of automation, promoted its technologies and ideas and been a trusted resource for any company seeking to automate its business. As part of that, we host Automate. It’s North America’s largest showcase for the latest developments in automation technology—and it draws professionals, educators and students from around the world.

2022 saw our first in-person Automate since 2019. The soaring interest in automation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic made Automate 2022 more relevant and important than ever before. To further our mission of helping industries leverage automation solutions, A3 needed to make sure the message reached as many people as possible. We leveraged all available avenues, online and offline, in an integrated marketing effort to raise awareness, boost registration and attract professionals from around the world.

As of April 27th, 2023, these efforts weren’t just effective; they’re officially award-winning.

The BrandSmart Awards

Automate 2022 has taken home the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) coveted BrandSmart Integrated Marketing Award. This award recognizes “the best integration of offline and online brand marketing to achieve a business outcome”—and it reflects the tireless efforts of our marketing team.

Building awareness, building a brand

For 2022, A3 grabbed attention with a bold, new look across Automate’s marketing channels. We used a vibrant color scheme inspired by our organization’s logo, created fast-paced sizzle reels using video and images from previous Automate Shows and employed dynamic advertisements that changed messages depending on user behavior.

Educating, engaging and nurturing

The Automate Show welcomes everyone interested in automation—whether they’re seasoned industry professionals or newcomers simply curious about the field. Through a strategic combination of long- and short-form content, social media, email and various forms of offline marketing, we were able to spread awareness of the Automate Show to every potential audience.

Outstanding results

The results speak for themselves. Automate 2022 brought in 24,000 attendees, many of whom were driven to register by our digital marketing efforts.

President of A3, Jeff Burnstein, said:

“Automate 2022 exceeded our most optimistic expectations. The excitement in the hall was like nothing I’ve ever experienced...This was the largest and best attended show we’re ever had.”

We are proud and grateful to receive the BrandSmart Integrated Marketing Award, in partnership with our marketing agency, LoSasso Integrated Marketing, and thank the AMA for their recognition.