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What is the best software for offline robot programming?

Dear Bridget,

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to that question, it all depends on your needs and the application.

There's targeted solutions from each robot manufacturer Kawasaki K-Roset, ABB Robot Studio, Fanuc Roboguide, etc. which works well with their respective brands/platforms but not with others. There's inexpensive multi-platform solutions like RoboDK which sometimes require a bit more effort by the user to suit their needs, there's more expensive multi-platform solutions like Octopuz and FastSuite, and finally there's line simulation software such as Delfoi Lean and Process Simulate. All in all these options range from anywhere between a few thousand up to tens of thousands, so "the best" software is really which is the best software - for you - and that all depends on your need and budget.

I'd be happy to discuss this further if you'd like, please contact me directly using the information below.

Best Regards,

// Magnus

Magnus Lirell - Sales Engineer, Arc Welding
(248) 961-3236