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What is the best software for offline robot programming?

Hi Bridget, My colleague Denis just publish an interesting article about how to choose a a simulation and offline programming (OLP) software. You may want to read the article:

Also i can full recommend FASTSUITE ( With FASTSUITE you can easily program robots and/or machine tools, making use of the process geometry, defined on the work-pieces and the available technology packages.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 programs not just the machine or the robot. Instead, the robot path and the machining program are generated directly from the CAD data - with all the exact parameters for the respective production technology. It does not matter whether material is applied, transported or removed.

If you need more information we will be happy to discuss with you your needs.

Best regards, Lumi Dochia

Lumi Dochia - Head of Marketing & Sales Support
(248) 309-3220

Purchased Items Fanuc SIT Touch Sensing (RTL-J536-AT Fanuc Seam Tracking Welding (RTL-TAST-AT) Constant Path Software (RTL-R663) RJ3iC Controller(165 kg CAP 2655 mm reach Lincoln Power Wave 455M(Welder) Lincoln Wire Feeder(10R)K 1780-3 Tregaskiss Torch Cleaner All needed cables There are not a lot of (new replicated parts) that need hard facing but many that come back need build up with weld and machined back down, then go back on robot for hardfacing. the problem I have is, it would take to long to teach each part because it would not be the same wear on item. so is there software out there that can 3d scan an object, put into program to outline points of welding?

Dear Jim, Scan, and surface for repair or hardfacing is a common activity and we have indirect experience in this topic. Indirect meaning we have partners who specialize in scan and surfacing activities and followed up by Cenit who would be responsible for the “CAD-to-PATH” for robots / trajectory creation. Please provide your contact information so we can have the proper person contact you for a preliminary discussion.

Sincerely, Luminita Dochia

Luminita Dochia - International Marketing Manager
(248) 309-3220