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Published on: 12/17/2020

Last Reply on: 06/05/2021

Category: Welding, Arc

Technology: Robotics

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we are looking to add a automated spot weld center using turn table application requiring us to spot weld 3 brackets to housing 11 spot welds. my question is I received quotes for the centers one with Daihen/OTC/Nachi and another using Fanuc robots. I was told the Nachi would be better for the operation more speed and would be better overall for the application. can get any comments or recommendations on this .

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NACHI is a fine robot with many options supporting spot welding. It shares it's robot controller design with our OTC DAIHEN robots. FANUC is also a fine robot. Is your application using an arm-mounted spot gun or are you carrying the part to the spot welders? That answer would likely change my recommendation significantly.

Mike Monnin from OTC DAIHEN Inc. | 12/18/2020

We integrate various robot brands and any welding robot will be really close for performance, speed accuracy etc. Are you spot welding using a MIG application or resistance welding. That will make a difference due to end of arm weight capacity.

Steve Saumier from SUMIG Robotics | 06/05/2021