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Published on: 12/17/2020

Last Reply on: 06/05/2021

Category: Welding, Arc

Technology: Robotics

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we are looking to add a automated spot weld center using turn table application requiring us to spot weld 3 brackets to housing 11 spot welds. my question is I received quotes for the centers one with Daihen/OTC/Nachi and another using Fanuc robots. I was told the Nachi would be better for the operation more speed and would be better overall for the application. can get any comments or recommendations on this .

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With the information presented, I could not say right or wrong, We are a turnkey integrator with specialties in welding cells and would evaluate the application irrelevant of Specific OEM consideration and from there make our best recommendation or brand I suggest we connect by phone for a quick evaluation I am also in MI frequently and would be happy to visit when appropriate I'm Al Keefer with Chicago Electric 847 954 9365 I hope to hear from you

Albert Keefer from Chicago Electric | 12/18/2020

NACHI is a fine robot with many options supporting spot welding. It shares it's robot controller design with our OTC DAIHEN robots. FANUC is also a fine robot. Is your application using an arm-mounted spot gun or are you carrying the part to the spot welders? That answer would likely change my recommendation significantly.

Mike Monnin from OTC DAIHEN Inc. | 12/18/2020

A3 Member Expert

My preference is Fanuc. Especially here in the USA. Great robot, Great support. added features, and ease of programming. speed would depend on the specific model you are comparing them to. In my experience Fanuc has been faster, but there definitely could be a nachi model faster than the fanuc that i haven't looked at. Contact us for more details or if you would like assistance. (208)-589-4615.

Troy Denning from Design for Making | 01/30/2021

We integrate various robot brands and any welding robot will be really close for performance, speed accuracy etc. Are you spot welding using a MIG application or resistance welding. That will make a difference due to end of arm weight capacity.