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We are using an exam platform by Mettl, a Mercer company. Here are the system requirements for successfully using the exam platform:

  1. Network Speed
    • A stable internet connection is required. A proxy for this is if you are able to login into your email account(s) without difficulty

      Upload Speed:
      This is a webcam proctored test - Minimum speed => 512 kbps
  2. Supported Browsers


For Proctored Exam

Chrome version

63 and above

Firefox version

52 and above

Safari version

12 and above

  • Exams are NOT supported on Edge browsers
  • Exams are NOT supported on Mobile devices (including Cellphones / Smartphones / Pads / Tablets)
  1. Firewall Settings
    • Grant necessary firewall permissions to allow all requests from all sub-domains of mettl.com
  2. Browser Settings
    • Exams can be conducted with Pop-Up Blocker enabled and for most commonly used Browser Security Settings
  3. System Settings
    • Mettl recommends you disable security patches, updates of the anti-virus definitions and/or application updates (manually) during the test in order to avoid any interference while taking the test 
  4. Text Expiry/Power Resume
    • In case the test window closes in the middle of the test or at the time of submission for any reason, the system waits for at least 20 minutes before expiring the test & generating the result report for that particular candidate.
    • This allows the candidate to re-login & resume the test from exactly where it stopped within those 20 minutes.
  5. Support Information
    • In case of any issue kindly call Mettl support at +91 - 8287803040 or drop an email to [email protected].