Robot Safety Resources: Risk Assessment Software

The current version of the Industrial Robot Safety Standard (ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012) requires that a risk assessment be carried out on every installation of a robotic system. To help streamline your risk assessment process, A3 is pleased to offer the following Risk Assessment Software packages, created by leading industry safety experts.

A3 Robot Safety Training Robot Safety Center

Robot Safety Center

Robot Safety Center is the 1st Task-based Risk Assessment software anyone can use with versions for Robot, Crane, and Machine applications. Robot Safety Center delivers a clear, easy-to-understand, consistent path to methodology needed for reducing risk to an acceptable level. Identification of tasks, associating them with hazards, and selecting the proper Performance Level, safeguard and complementary protective measure is as easy as point and click. Verification and validation modules are included. Available as RIA TR R15.306-2016, ANSI B11.0-2015 or ISO 12100:2010.

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A3 Robot Safety Training Robot Risk Assessment Version 7

Robot Risk Assessment Version 7 (designsafe® 7)

Risk assessments can be difficult, but designsafe® 7 helps minimize the pain and finish your assessments faster. This revision of the designsafe® 7 focuses on creating a program that is more intuitive, more convenient, more visual and includes more resources, and creates more with less. This new version improves the speed and flexibility of performing risk assessments. We have also have provided new control system assessment functionality, compatible with Windows 8, dynamic checklist and risk reduction measure updates, and others.

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