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Robot Safety Center 2 Seat Subscription

Safety Center addresses the requirement to risk assess every machine or process in a factory.  We started by strictly addressing Robots per the RIA TR R15.306-2016.  We have the only robot task-based risk assessment software including collaborative robots.  The Mobile Robotics version is in process.  (Newer versions for machine, MIL, material handling and cranes include ANSI B11.0-2015 and ISO 12100 risk matrices.)

Pricing for all risk matrices follows this format.  2 Versions are available:

Call for updated multi-site, volume or additional seat pricing.  Consulting or Training pricing as well.  833-445-5665.

What Does Safety Center Deliver?

  • The only strictly RIA TR R15.306-2016 compliant risk assessment tool available.
  • A tool for reducing machine or process risks to an acceptable level.
  • Good for concept through validation / production and the entire life cycle.
  • A Collaboration tool for addressing safety from concept through design, installation and validation for production.
  • A way to manage projects including engineering, integration and installation.
  • A methods-based approach strictly to the Standards with Standards excerpts included.
  • 50% faster risk assessments for up to 50% lower costs.
  • More complete risk assessments due to built-in RIA methodology.

How does Safety Center work?

  • Tasks, Hazards, Safeguards and Complementary Protective Measures can be added and edited.
  • Safety Team - Operators, maintenance, engineering and EHS can use Safety Center.
  • Safety Experts have their own security level clearance.
  • Download and/or print out Task, Hazard, … Lists for field “talking paper”.
  • Lists help you remember and if you discover later or add on – you just add to the List.
  • Simple Severity/Exposure/Avoidance RIA TR R15.306 matrix for selecting Risk Level, Performance Level and Category.
  • Addresses Liability associated with robots, machines and the process.
  • Sort enables prioritization of risk mitigation.
  • Required for ANSI, RIA, NFPA, ISO and the Machinery Directive for CE marking.

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