The Potential for Robot Autonomy Platforms

Originally Recorded April 07, 2022 | 11 AM - 12 PM ET

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Autonomous Robots and Automatic Machine Control systems have been seen as the wave of the future for some time, but with labor shortages and supply chain challenges now taking on a life of their own, they are absolutely essential to the future of industrial production. This webinar will guide users through the evolution of autonomous systems out of automatic machine control, the performance and expectations that autonomous robotics can fulfill today for value-added processes, and explore the potential for Robot Autonomy Platforms that will allow traditional system integrators to serve new markets, while expanding the reach and potential for both autonomous robots and anybody who wants to build autonomous systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • How robots can function autonomously in unstructured environments for value-added processes
  • The evolution of autonomous robots out of the automatic machine control space, and what implications that has for future systems
  • What technology is required to support an autonomous robotic system today and what processes are supported
  • The potential for Robot Autonomy Platforms to transform how we approach automation, particularly in high-mix or highly varied productions
  • How integrators can prepare for more processes and capability from robot

Watch this Webinar

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Image of Robert Ravensbergen, Marketing Director

Robert Ravensbergen, Marketing Director

Robert Ravensbergen is the Marketing Director at Omnirobotic. With a decade of experience in AI, ML and SaaS Marketing, he has embraced the robotics and industrial manufacturing space with zeal in surfacing new knowledge and helping manufacturer and integrators identify the best possible solutions for their production processes.

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