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Specim is a globally leading supplier in hyperspectral imaging. We serve the market with the broadest range of hyperspectral cameras, imaging spectrographs, systems, and accessories. We are known as a trusted partner with products and support of superb quality and cost-efficiency.

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Specim FX50 - Hyperspectral Camera for the full MWIR range

POSTED 11/30/2023

The Specim FX50 is the first and only push-broom hyperspectral camera on the market that covers the full MWIR spectral range of 2.7 – 5.3 ?m. This breakthrough product with enhanced features and capabilities expands the possibilities in industrial sorting, quality control, process optimization, and research by detecting materials that are not detectable with any other wavelength or imaging method, such as hydrocarbons, minerals, oil, and contamination on metal surfaces.