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Visual quality control over long distances

POSTED 12/07/2022

Printed circuit boards and other electronic components can now be inspected from a distance of up to 330 feet. This is made possible by senswork's RemoteMOI XL inspection station with a remotely operable digital microscope. The manual optical inspection of electronic components can thus be carried out more time and cost efficiently, and with less manpower.

The inspection of large, printed circuit boards (PCBs) is often time-consuming, as the PCBs must be repositioned manually several times to be inspected completely. For this to happen, an employee is typically located directly next to the product or the inspection microscope. With RemoteMOI XL, this is no longer necessary. For example, the PCB remains in its position on a production line. Then, using an X/Y axis system connected to a joystick, an employee can position the microscope over any point on the PCB. The high-resolution full HD image is transmitted live to a monitor up to 330 feet away. In addition, the storage of up to 3 memory positions in X and Y direction facilitates the inspection. This allows for a higher degree of ergonomics and time efficiency.

By centralizing the inspection task, one operator can inspect multiple lines. Workers can be better utilized by avoiding idle time. Additionally, workplace conditions are improved by moving the inspection station to a location outside the production area, which eliminates noise or clean room criteria.
The compact inspection system can be used directly on the production line and is easily accessible and movable thanks to its C-frame design, and RemoteMOI XL enables easy documentation of the image data. The digital microscope offers user-friendly options such as zoom abilities and different illumination settings. Other camera parameters can also be conveniently adjusted remotely.

Product Video RemoteMOI XL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVo9WBgMTJs