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Epix manufactures cost effective cameras, frame grabbers, software, computer imaging systems, cables and power supplies for OEM machine vision applications using line scan, area scan, high-speed and high-resolution cameras. Imaging systems with interactive software imaging tools can be used out of the box for many machine vision applications. Programmer libraries provide board control functions for OEM-written application programs for 32 and 64 bit Windows and Linux, or DOS operating systems. EPIX creates customized imaging products and systems to OEM specifications. EPIX has been providing imaging components since 1984.

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V3.8 Software for Windows 8 & Linux 3.x

POSTED 04/09/2013

EPIX, Inc., manufacturer of frame grabbers, machine vision cameras, and complete imaging systems, releases V3.8 software products for Windows 8 and Linux with 3.x kernels.

The XCAP imaging programs, with dedicated support for more than 1000 camera models, now include support for Osprey and Owl low-noise, high sensitivity cameras from Raptor Photonics.   Also added, the Bonito camera from Allied Vision Technologies provides 4-megapixel resolution at up to 386 fps.  EPIX® software and frame grabber products support all Camera Link cameras, all NTSC, RS-170, PAL & CCIR cameras, all SILICON VIDEO® cameras, and many cameras with differential output. XCAP-Std V3.8 streams video to memory or disk for seconds, minutes or hours (depending on the data rate of the camera and the computer’s memory or RAID capacity).

The new XCAP-Viewer, available at no cost, allows the loading and viewing of images and image sequences from files on any PC.  XCAP-Viewer allows playing of video to disk files (.vif), and unlike other multi-media players, allows playing .avi files while controlling the playback rate! 

The XCLIB, XCLIB-LITE, and PXIPL libraries have also been updated.  All V3.8 products support both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Upgrades from V3.0 & V3.7 are at no charge for all products except XCAP-Lite.  Visit the EPIX® web site, contact EPIX, Inc., or contact your authorized distributor of EPIX® products for more information.