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Eyes and brains for your robot: With its innovative hardware and software products, Roboception GmbH, based in Munich, is a pioneer in 3D sensor technology. Our 3D stereo sensor rc_visard enables robotic systems to reliably perceive their environment in real time; the complementary rc_reason software suite offers application-specific modules to add on as needed for your individual tasks. Intuitive user interfaces make the implementation as easy as can be: Users, even without any prior robot vision experience, will be able to deliver task-relevant information such as grasp points with just a few mouse clicks. We combine both classical and AI-based methods to give the robots eyes – and hence deliver key elements of our customer’s most forward-looking automation solutions in domains like logistics, automation and beyond.

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The rc_visard is Now Even Better: With StereoPlus

POSTED 03/28/2019

With the Image Version 1.5, we improve our basic software with a new feature: The StereoPlus Module delivers full resolution depth images and advanced smoothing for optimized depth data. 

The new Image 1.5 not only includes some minor bug fixes and efficiency improvements, but also the StereoPlus Module. This comprises two new features: 'Smoothing' and 'Full Resolution'. When activated, the SMOOTHING setting evens out the surfaces in the depth image of a given scene without removing scene details, hence improving the data quality significantly. When selecting FULL among the resolution settings, the depth image will be computed in the full camera resolution. 

This setting is particularly useful when the sensor is used in combination with the RandomDot Projector, as it maximizes the scene density. The improved rc_visard is now available in our WebShop.