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Specializing in Imaging, Machine Vision, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), FPGA, and IO hardware, IP Cores, Libraries, Application Solutions and Embedded Systems. Sundance DSP is a world-wide supplier of high-performance DSP and FPGA processor boards and I/O modules in support of high performance, parallel processing applications in a variety of fields including, imaging, radar, sonar, simulation, industrial control and military. Sundance DSP supports PCI, PCI Express, PMC, XMC, TI DSPs, PMC/XMC conduction cooled hardware, PMC/XMC, FPGA cores, Software Radio platforms and firmware. Support for embedded applications, using conduction cooled hardware, in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Beamforming, image processing, telecommunications, industrial automation and military. Sundance DSP headquarters is in Reno Nevada, US. We also provide custom design hardware, software, firmware and application development.

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SUNDANCE DSP Launches New MIPI Camera interface FMC Card

POSTED 11/15/2017

Sundance DSP added to its Vision System Camera Link compatible vision cards a new line of products compatile with MIPI camera interfaces. MIPI camera interface is gaining ground and acceptance by filling the gap of a spectrum of different camera interface standards. FMC-MIPI is an HPC FMC compatile module that can be interfaced to a Sundance DSP Solar Express 120, PCIe carrier or PXI700 PXIe carrier ( see Sundance DSP web site for more details ).

FMC-MIPI is designed to provide connectivity between FPGA on a carrier and 2x MIPI CSI-2 4 lanes input and 2x MIPI DSI2 4 lanes output interfaces. Module provides conversion from MIPI CSI-2 to parallel interface or vice versa to 2x MIPI CSI2 4 lanes output. This means that concurrently, 2 MIPI based sensor/camera and 2 MIPI based displays could be supported concurrently. An adapter card is also supplied that can house 2 sensors / cameras. Adapter cards for several MIPI based cameras from Sony and Onsemi are available for quick project development. The default adapter supplied with FMC-MIPI is MIPI-IMX169-C and it can take two cameras modules based on the Sony IMX169 camera (lattice part number LF-C2P-EVN). Adapters for other cameras like IMX378 are available; please contact our support team to learn more. COTS cable for connecting FMC to adapter card is available; Samtec part number HLCD-30-03.00-BH-TH-2.

MIPI CSI-2 inputs parameters

  • LP and HP modes supported;
  • 4 Lanes, up to 0.9Gbps each lane, total up to 3.6Gbps throughput ;
  • I2C interface for camera control;
  • Conversion to 16-bit parallel bus;

MIPI DSI outputs parameters

  • 4 Lanes, up to 0.9Gbps each lane, total up to 3.6Gbps throughput  ( with LP count  there are 2 MIPI-Dsi outputs );
  • I2C interface for display control;
  • Conversion from 18-bit parallel bus;


  • Embedded/Stand Alone, PXIe, PCIe interfaces
  • 2 on board MachXO3™ LCMXO3L-4300C-6BG256C FPGA from Lattice
  • Comes with IP cores developed by Lattice and ported and tested by Sundance DSP;
  • Two MIPI CSI-2 input interfaces with 4 lanes, up to 0.9Gb/s per Lane converted to two 14 bit parallel interfaces;
  • Each MIPI DSI-2 provides independent I2C interfaces to FMC HPC;
  • Two 18-bit parallel input interface converted to two MIPI DSI output interfaces with 4 lanes;
  • On board reference clock generator;
  • Supported video data formats for input(camera connection): RAW8/10/12/14, YUV422(8/10-bit), RGB565, user defined 8 bit, interface is 14 bit;
  • Supported video data formats for output(monitor connection): RAW8/10/12/14, YUV422(8/10-bit),YUV444, 666/565, user defined 8 bit, interface is 18 bits;
  • I2C interface level is VADJ.
  • Small foot print, HPC FMC module

Solar Express 120 FPGA PCIe carrier for FMC-MIPI

  • Embedded/Stand Alone, PCIe Interface
  • Virtex Ultrascale+ Zynq MPSoC FPGA in C1156 package
  • x8 lanes PCIe Gen4
  • 1 FMC expansion site with 10 GTH at 16.3Gb/s transceivers and 56 LVDS IO pairs
  • ARM processor
  • 2xSATA, 1 x CAN, 1 USB3, x USB2, 1 x RJ45

PXIe700 FPGA PXIe carrier for FMC-MIPI

  • Embedded/Stand Alone PXIe Interface
  • 3U PXIe card conforming to PXI-Express standard
  • 4 Lane PCIe Gen2 (Gen3 with softcore)
  • High Pin Count FMC connector with 10 GTX transceivers at 12.5 Gb/s each
  • 144 single ended IOs or 72 diff pairs to FMC
  • SFP+ for 10Gb Ethernet or Fiber Optics, JTAG,External clock input, 8 GPIO, could be used for Reset in/out
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