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AT – Automation Technology is a global technology leader in the field of special imaging sensors. We develop and produce smart infrared cameras, 3D sensors, and sensor solutions for process automation as well as monitoring and inspection tasks.

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Successful Partner Deal: AT – Automation Technology Confirms New Cooperations in the US

POSTED 07/08/2021

  • VIPER IMAGING to open new horizons for application solutions with distribution of AT infrared cameras and 3D sensor technology
  • PEMBROKE INSTRUMENTS sees great potential for AT products in the semiconductor and electronics sector
  • AT – Automation Technology plans to further expand its network in North America

AT – Automation Technology is already one of the world’s leading suppliers of infrared cameras and 3D sensors. But there are some countries where the network still needs to be expanded in order to attract attention outside of expert circles. For example, in North America. The goal of the northern German technology company is to increase its number of partners there exponentially in 2021 and to become established in the local markets as a reliable contact for solutions in the field of special imaging sensor technology.

VIPER IMAGING is Pleased to Include AT Products in Their Growing Number of Monitoring System solutions

Recently, AT was able to win VIPER IMAGING as a partner in the US, thus ensuring awarness in the technology sector. VIPER IMAGING is a company that has already gained a reputation in the US market many years ago as the most competent reseller and system integrator regarding imaging temperature measurement technology. “AT greatly appreciates the new partnership with the entire VIPER IMAGING team. VIPER IMAGING does not only have a proven track record in the iron & steel and oil & gas industries, they also share the same passion we have for technology. In addition, we share the same high standards of providing complete customer satisfaction. In addition to their infrared expertise, it will be a great pleasure to jointly conquer 3D applications in North America” says Guido Deutz, Business Development Director of AT.

VIPER IMAGING is equally positive about the new cooperation. “We are excited about the opportunity to promote and integrate AT’s range of products as part of the Viper offering. AT adds cameras and components that offer a large variety of features and benefits previously unavailable while maintaining a simplicity in integration and ease of use for our customers. With a storied background in on-line thermal imaging processing and solutions, we are confident this will help us reach the next level in customer support and system reliability” explains Andy Beck, VIPER IMAGING co-founder.

PEMBROKE INSTRUMENTS Rates AT Cameras as Customers’ Desired Products

Dr. Leslie Tack, Managing Director of PEMBROKE INSTRUMENTS, with whom AT also signed a contract as a new sales partner, is also enthusiastic about these very special features: “Our cooperation with AT – Automation Technology is a great addition to our product portfolio for 3D sensors and thermal imaging technology. AT’s products exactly meet our customers’ demand for such sensor technology, which is compact, easy to integrate and cost-effective. Therefore, we look forward to working with AT to promote and support their products in North America.”

And Guido Deutz, Business Development Director of AT – Automation Technology, adds: “For AT, the cooperation with PEMBROKE INSTRUMENTS is a first and important step forward. Together we will address manufacturing applications in the semiconductor and electronics market segments in the US. This will enable customers to improve their quality and process control through innovative 3D and infrared components made in Germany.”

Innovation is the Key to AT Products‘ Success

In the first step, VIPER IMAGING and PEMBROKE INSTRUMENTS will initially present the AT solutions to its customers for the optimization of their applications and convince them of how uncomplicated innovative technology can be to achieve reliable, high-precision results. After all, the fact that both the infrared and 3D components from AT – Automation Technology require neither prior technical knowledge nor additional external technology is already a winning argument for the US market and could very soon lead to further success with OEMs, integrators and customers.