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LASER COMPONENTS USA has the ability to offer FLEXPOINT laser modules (at different wavelengths and power) and colorPol dichroic glass polarizers (UV, VIS, and IR range) as single pieces or series production.

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SPIE Industry Workshop Program February 06, 2019: How to Get the Most Out of Optics, Lasers, and Detectors

POSTED 11/27/2018

Bedford, NH: Part of Photonics West, the industry’s most important photonics technologies event, LASER COMPONENTS will be hosting a one-day workshop on the essential properties and working principles of a wide variety of optics and optoelectronic components. The program is designed for those who would like to be more familiar with the advantages and challenges of these technologies, as well as the trade-offs. The primary goal is to develop a better understanding of how to specify the right device and set the optimal device performance in a given application.

Participants can select one or more 30-minute sessions throughout the day, depending on the interest. LASER COMPONENTS product development engineers and guest speakers will be talking about specific topics centered around three major subject matters:

  • Optics: fundamentals of digital optics with spatial light modulators, insights into laser induced damage threshold and high-power laser optics, golden rules of custom laser optics coatings, and key parameters of polarizers
  • Lasers: working principles of flash LiDAR detectors and technology, design solutions of transimpedance amplifiers for photodiodes to maximize the range of LiDAR systems, driving FET-based pulsed laser hybrid circuits for optimized device performance, and unique value propositions of laser-generated white light
  • Detectors: working principles and comparison of different IR detector, and IR Detector nonlinearity correction

LASER COMPONENTS specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of components and services in the laser and optoelectronics industry. At LASER COMPONENTS, we have been serving customers since 1982 with sales branches in five different countries. We have been producing in house since 1986 with production facilities in Germany, Canada, and the United States. In-house production makes up approximately half of our sales revenue. A family-run business, we have more than 220 employees worldwide.