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Sony’s Holographic Waveguide Display is a Key Module for Custom AR Wearables

POSTED 08/06/2019

 Sony’s Holographic Waveguide Display is a Key Module for Custom AR WearablesThe SED-100A holographic waveguide display enhances customized hardware AR development for industrial applications with high precision and quality.

The Sony Semiconductor Solutions SED-100A display aids in industrial AR glasses development and provides new opportunities for industrial companies to facilitate tasks, and create safer and faster workflows. This display is available from global vision partner FRAMOS. Applications for this display range from entertainment, production, inspection and maintenance, to real-time translation and logistics. These applications benefit from employees that are supported by hands-free guidance, support, and task management, by adding digital information to custom smart eyewear:

“The Sony SED-100A "smart glasses" display provides seamless AR communication for industrial environments. It facilitates the development of intelligent data glasses, which overlay real existing objects with digital information. Employees can see the environment directly through the glasses and get supplemental text and pictures in their field of vision. This display is Sony’s ready-to-integrate solution with its convincing slim profile of 1mm, a brightness of up to 2000 nit for great readability, and a transmittance over 85% for a very clear view of the real-world”, says Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, Display Expert at FRAMOS.

The SED-100A display is based on Sony’s proprietary hologram optics technology, and consists of two components. An optical engine uses micro display (µdisplay) to project images and text to a holographic waveguide. Secondly, a waveguide made of an extremely thin transparent glass plate takes the light created in the optical engine, and projects a virtual image through holographic optical elements to the eyes of the wearer. This technology enables an external light transmittance of more than 85%. The lenses, together with a protective plating, comprise a total width of only 3.14mm for a slim industrial AR solution to provide both convenience and wearing comfort.

The SED-100A display kit is optimized for instant integration and quick series production, and includes the optical display component and the driver chip. The additional development kit is available for prototyping on reference designs, and for the easy evaluation of custom hardware and software development for augmented reality (AR) solutions. The development kit contains a monocular display and a controller puck as evaluation hardware. It provides a multitude of development resources like 3D model files, design guidelines, bill of materials, controller circuit board design, firmware source code, code samples for Android and Linux, and many more.

The industry and product experts at FRAMOS are available to support customers with the integration of these new displays into their applications and projects. In addition, FRAMOS provides a broad range of support services for development, customization, and logistics.