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Radiant Vision Systems provides the leading test & measurement systems and software for characterization and automated visual inspection of displays, backlit components, light sources, and device surfaces. Our imaging photometers and colorimeters test millions of devices in production settings worldwide.

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Radiant Presents at the 2020 AWE Online Conference and Expo Introducing AR/VR Display Test Systems that Replicate Human Vision within Headsets

POSTED 05/20/2020

REDMOND, Wash. — Radiant Vision Systems, a leading provider of photometric imaging solutions for light and display measurement, announces that it will exhibit and speak as part of AWE (Augmented World Expo) Online, taking place May 26-29, 2020. For the first time, AWE will be held as a fully virtual event featuring both an online Conference and Expo. In addition to engaging with attendees of the live virtual Expo, Davis Bowling—member of the Radiant Vision Systems sales leadership team and liaison to the company’s augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality (MR) customers— will present “Replicating Human Vision for Accurate Testing of AR/VR Displays” as part of the AWE Conference “XR Enablement” track. The presentation will be broadcast Wednesday, May 27, from 11:30 to 11:50 A.M. PDT, followed by a live Q&A with Bowling and members of the Radiant display test solutions team.

Near-eye displays—like those in AR, VR, and MR devices (collectively referred to as XR devices)—project virtual objects and information in close proximity to the human eye, sometimes encompassing the user’s entire field of view. This proximity not only creates immersive visual experiences, but also enhances defects like poor contrast, nonuniform brightness or color, line and pixel defects, low image clarity, and image positioning issues. Manufacturers of XR devices are tasked with ensuring defect-free virtual images, leveraging automated photometric test and measurement solutions to qualify displays and characterize their optical performance according to exacting geometries and device specifications. To accurately test displays that are viewed so near to the eye, a display measurement solution must closely emulate the position, limitations, and characteristics of the human eye within the unique viewing environment of an XR headset. During his presentation at the AWE Online Conference, Davis Bowling will describe an innovative imaging solution for in-headset near-eye display testing that replicates human vision for the most accurate evaluation of the visual experience and qualification of the integrated display.

Topics of Radiant’s AWE Online Conference presentation include:

  • Challenges of near-eye display measurement and visual quality testing
  • Important optical design features that allow imaging systems to replicate human vision within headsets for test and measurement
  • Radiant’s AR/VR display measurement system and software analysis capabilities

Davis Bowling has supported customer applications with photometric, colorimetric, and radiometric inspection systems since 1997. Manufacturers of displays and illuminated devices apply these systems, calibrated to a range of lens designs, to enable automated visual inspection within precise viewing parameters and ensure quality according to human visual perception. A member of the sales leadership team at Radiant Vision Systems, Bowling is responsible for facilitating solutions for unique customer applications worldwide—including emerging AR, VR, and MR display types and optical geometries. Bowling has a deep understanding of the technical considerations required for a successful implementation, and builds on Radiant’s success by sharing his expertise on measurement equipment and providing a consultative approach to system integration.

In addition to speaking at the Conference, members of the Radiant Vision Systems display test solutions team will engage with event attendees live from the company’s exhibitor webpage as part of the AWE Online Expo. The team will be available each day of the event to conduct virtual chats and meet one-on-one with attendees over live video conference. Attendees are able to schedule meetings with Radiant team members during the Expo to learn about AR/VR display testing, discuss specific projects, and get support.

Attendees can apply the Radiant Promo Code (50ONEXH) during registration to receive 50% off a full, four-day pass to the event, including both the AWE Online Conference and Expo.

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Radiant Vision Systems works with world-class brands and manufacturers to deliver creative visual inspection solutions that improve quality, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Radiant’s legacy of technology innovation in photometric imaging and worldwide install base date back more than 25 years and address applications from consumer electronics to automotive manufacturing. Radiant Vision Systems product lines include TrueTest™ automated visual inspection software for quality control, and ProMetric® imaging colorimeters, photometers, and light source measurement systems. Radiant is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA, with strategic offices in California, Michigan, China, and South Korea. Radiant has been a part of Konica Minolta’s Sensing Business Unit since August 2015.