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Epix manufactures cost effective cameras, frame grabbers, software, computer imaging systems, cables and power supplies for OEM machine vision applications using line scan, area scan, high-speed and high-resolution cameras. Imaging systems with interactive software imaging tools can be used out of the box for many machine vision applications. Programmer libraries provide board control functions for OEM-written application programs for 32 and 64 bit Windows and Linux, or DOS operating systems. EPIX creates customized imaging products and systems to OEM specifications. EPIX has been providing imaging components since 1984.

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PIXCI® EB1mini Frame Grabber

POSTED 03/24/2014

sp;PIXCI® EB1mini
Epix, Inc.PIXCI® EB1mini
  • Smallest camera link frame grabber
  • 50.95 mm x 30.00 mm (2.006 x 1.181 inches)
  • PCI Express Mini Card form factor
  • Captures from any base camera link camera
  • Bursts transfers images to PCIe bus at 250 gigabits per second
  • Sustained image capture at rates of 200 megabytes per second
  • Connector for triggers and strobes
The PIXCI® EB1mini captures from a base configuration line scan or area scan camera link camera.  With trigger input, strobe output, shutter control, bit-packing capability, 64 bit memory addressing, and video rate sequence capture; the PIXCI® EB1mini is big on features and small in size.  
The XCAP-Lite imaging program, provided at no charge with the PIXCI® EB1mini, provides software control of image capture, as well as all camera controls, with an easy to use Capture & Adjust Dialog. 
Solutions and Support: EPIX, Inc. has been providing imaging solutions and support for OEM machine vision manufacturers and engineers since 1984. Contact EPIX, Inc., or an authorized EPIX, Inc. distributor, for help selecting cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software, optics, and computer systems.