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Piranha4 4k Mono and Color Cameras

POSTED 05/20/2013

New dual line scan mono and tri-linear color cameras deliver highest line rates in the industry

New Pirhana4 dual line scan mono and tri-linear color cameras from Teledyne DALSA deliver highest line rates in the industryTeledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and a global leader in machine vision technology, today released the newest versions of its successful Piranha4™ CMOS line scan cameras with 4k resolution and 10.56 μm x 10.56 μm pixel size. The P4-4k, available in color and monochrome, combines advancements in Teledyne DALSA's CMOS image sensor technology with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio for high speed imaging.

The new monochrome Piranha4 dual line scan camera delivers a maximum line rate of 100 kHz in TDI mode, or 200 kHz in area mode. The P4-4k trilinear color camera delivers a maximum line rate of 70 kHz, the highest speed for trilinear cameras in the industry. Both the color and monochrome models use advanced chipsets that allow cable lengths of 15-30 meters and beyond. The GenICam™ compliant interface makes the P4-4k easier to set up, control, and integrate.

"The new P4-4k trilinear camera offers outstanding responsivity with low noise for high-speed color imaging. The advanced sub-pixel spatial correction feature enables accurate color registration in any sampling scenario," said Xing-Fei He, Senior Product Manager at Teledyne DALSA. "The new Piranha4 cameras allow you to take your inspection system to the next level."
In addition to its incredible speed, the P4-4k offers advanced features including lens shading and flat field correction, independent exposure control for each color channel, multiple areas of interest for calibration and output, and a wider operating temperature range of 0~65°C, all in a robust compact camera body (62 x 62 x 48 mm). 
The P4-4k camera is ideal for 100% print inspection, electronics manufacturing, check scanning, pharmaceutical, wood and tile inspection, cotton and web inspection and general machine vision applications.
Product Details and Availability
For more information on product specifications, visit the Piranha4 product page or watch the video. Contact your regional sales representative for more information on planned Piranha4 model release dates. For a full resolution image of a Teledyne DALSA Piranha4 camera, visit Teledyne DALSA's online media kit.