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Photoneo is a leading provider of robotic vision and intelligence. Based on a patented 3D technology, Photoneo developed the world’s highest-resolution and highest-accuracy 3D camera, thus unlocking the full potential of powerful, reliable, and fast machine learning.

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Photoneo introduces new scanning method for transparent objects

POSTED 10/17/2023

Bratislava, Slovakia, 17 October 2023 Photoneo, a leader in innovative machine vision technology and smart automation solutions, introduces a new 3D scanning method that significantly improves the signal readouts on transparent and shiny objects. The new method adds much more detail and completeness to data that was previously hard to scan, opening the door for automating previously challenging use cases in logistics, automotive, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Scanning transparent and glossy materials has been a tough nut to crack in machine vision. This changes now as Photoneo introduces a new method for 3D scanning transparent, translucent, and super shiny objects with MotionCam-3D.

The new scanning method significantly improves the signal readouts on transparent and shiny objects, adding much more detail and completeness to data that was previously hard to scan.

“Photoneo has been known as a pioneer in technologies tackling key machine vision limitations. We introduced ground-breaking solutions for 3D area scanning in motion, ambient light suppression, scanning from large distances, or dealing with black and glossy materials. Now we conquered another challenge - 3D scanning of transparent and very shiny objects,” says Marcel Svec, VP of Strategy & Products at Photoneo. 

The new scanning method of MotionCam-3D enables customers to scan transparent, translucent, and shiny objects without the need to use sprays or coating. It relies on Photoneo’s unique COMPIS (Computational Image Sensor) and the Parallel Structured Light technology, offering significantly higher scanning speed than conventional sensors.

“The unique characteristic of our MotionCam-3D is that it is a highly programmable device, which allows us to improve its capabilities over time through FW updates”, adds Svec. This way, Photoneo was able to enhance the camera and equip it with the capability to scan transparent and super shiny objects.

The major benefits for customers include:

  • Complete scanning of transparent & translucent objects
  • Crisp scanning of super shiny objects
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Enabling new uses cases in logistics and retail, automotive and manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical industry
  • It is applicable to existing devices

The ability to scan transparent and glossy objects opens the door to previously challenging use cases, especially in logistics, retail, and grocery order fulfillment, automotive and manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn more in Photoneo's blog article.

For any queries related to the new scanning capability of MotionCam-3D, please contact Photoneo.