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Norpix provides high speed digital video capture and troubleshooting solutions. Norpix software includes Streampix, StreamTouch and Troublepix. Capture from single or multiple cameras in continuous mode to disk. Features include continuous bugger or looping, compression to jpeg, h.264, time stamping, synchronization, event markers, GPS or IrigB time stamping. Triggering from PLC with 5 or 24 volts. Solutions are available in GigE, USB3, 10 and 25 GigE, Camera Link and CXP cameras. Turnkey systems are available with software, cameras, portable or desktop computer.

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New Revision for StreamPix, TroublePix and HERMES Software

POSTED 03/04/2013

rong>Special note to developers: We are moving or development platform to Visual Studio 2012

StreamPix revision 5.18.0, TroublePix revision 2.28.0 and Hermes API 26 February 2013, are our last revisions using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 development tools. Future revisions will be built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. All Users developing custom modules or HERMES API should plan for a future update to VS2012.

StreamPix 5: Current version 5.18.0. (32/64 bit)


  • New button in the sequence docked dialog to edit each marker's description.
  • New zoom settings to set minimum and maximum zoom values.
  • New module to control Focus and Aperture using the Birger adapter.
  • New Focus Assist Module with visual feedback to help adjust the camera focus.
  • New module to allow resizing or cropping of images while recording.
  • New LTC time source: LTC time code can now be decoded directly from an analog audio input. No need to use expensive LTC hardware anymore.
  • New Input and Output lines are now supported with MCC USB-1408FS.
  • Change: The manual playback slider will now remember the last speed used. It is now possible to pause/resume a manual playback using the Play/Pause button.
  • Change: Toggling the display(s) on/off is now applied globally to every workspace.
  • Change: Added missing X and Y caption for the ROI offset edit boxes in docking panel.
  • Change: Motion Detector Module: Added a new max absolute algorithm to detect slight changes in grey levels.
  • Change: Image Rotation Module: Added horizontal or vertical image flip option.
  • Change: Basler CL Control Module: Added support for camera ROI.
  • Change: Merge Module: Updated to handle up to 16 video sources.
  • Change: Improve export performance for PNG file format.
  • Fixed a bug that occured when using autonaming to save to a network location.
  • Fixed a bug when creating AVI file under certain conditions. Also target file path was not correctly displayed on the overlay and Working folder tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug when exporting a sequence with no valid license: An error message is now displayed.
  • Fixed a bug when exiting from full Screen module.
  • Fixed a bug when applying matrix color correction to large images that was crashing StreamPix.
  • Fixed bugs in Video Out module.
  • Fixed bugs related to metadata reloading during playback.
TroublePix: Current version (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with Norpix Shared v5.17.0.
Hermes API: Current version February 26, 2013 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with Norpix Shared v5.18.0.
  • Export to PNG using a faster library.
  • Hermes.NET Viewer::ShowImageOnDC - last param was unusable.
  • Fixed Bug when exporting YUV422 image to RLE compressed sequence.
  • Fixed exporting a mono8 sequence to AVI using ffdshow XVID.
  • Fixed color incorrect exporting to Jpeg2000 for BGR24 image.
You can download the latest revisions of StreamPix and TroublePix latest revision by going to the help ribbon and clicking "Check for update".

About NorPix
NorPix is a developer of high-speed digital video recording software specializing in single or multiple camera acquisition. Our software provides a wide selection of features such as time stamping, synchronization, audio and data acquisition and much more. Our software and systems are used throughout a wide range of applications including special effects, scientific research, life science, geo-mapping and military applications.

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