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BlueVision Ltd., Japan provides wide range of advanced imaging solutions by 'prism' technology, we have multi CCD/CMOS line scan, area scan camera , dedicated lenses, and lighting sources which are covered from NUV up to SWIR range of wave length for many variety of inspections use case such as Foods, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Bottling, Packaging etc... We have R&D, manufacturing , QA and sales and marketing to cover WW market based in Japan supplying high quality solutions . One of our strength is flexibility for customization depending on your requirements as we have our own designed beam splitter and trimming filter for 2 wavelengths prism and 3 wavelengths prism can be also arranged both dichroic mirrors and trimming filters depending on your requirements. We BlueVision Ltd., Japan will contribute ‘ Improve of productivity’ in the industrial market by providing advanced Imaging solutions as our mission, and always keep the spirit of “Insatiable pursuit for ‘Prism’ spectroscopic

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New Product Release for 1K InGaAs Line scan camera (BV-C3110)

POSTED 03/06/2019

BlueVision Ltd.,Japan will launch New 1K SWIR Line scan camera named BV-C3110 which is brand new 1K InGaAs sensor inside in April.2019.

BV-C3110 is using newly developed InGaAs sensor which has 1024pixels, 12.5um square pixel size and covers SWIR range from 900nm to 1700nm wavelength.

There are many application possibility and the general specification is as the following.

  • Food sorting (Moisture inspection)
  • Bottling inspection (water level inspection)
  • Wafer pattern inspection
  • Solar panel inspection

Output:  SWIR 1024 pixels, 900nm to 1700nm
Sensor Line frequency: 40KHz
Interface:  CameraLink
Lens:  C Mount
Input voltage: DC 12-24V
Dimensions: 58mm(W) x 58(H)mm x 60(D) mm (excluding protrusion and lens mount)

We are happy to provide a package solution convining our own designed SWIR lenses with this brand new camera to solve Your PAIN soon !!