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IDS is a leading manufacturer of industrial cameras “Made in Germany” with USB or GigE interfaces. For quick, easy and precise 3D machine vision tasks IDS offers the Ensenso series. With the novel vision app-based sensors and cameras of IDS NXT the company opens up a new dimension in image processing. Whether in an industrial or non-industrial setting: IDS cameras and sensors assist companies worldwide in optimizing processes, ensuring quality, driving research, conserving raw materials, and serving people. They provide reliability, efficiency and flexibility for your application.

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New and readily available: USB3 cameras from the uEye+ CP series

POSTED 01/13/2023

Eight more uEye+ CP industrial cameras with PYTHON sensors enter series production

Over the past few months, we have steadily expanded the camera line-up in our newly developed USB3 vision platform. Now, eight more models are entering the stage. They are equipped with onsemi PYTHON sensors and are part of the CP camera family, revision 2.2 from the uEye+ product line.

Our industrial cameras have a aesthetically pleasing housing measuring 29x29x29 spelling and are all 100 per cent Vision Standard compatible. On the software side, they can therefore be perfectly supported with IDS peak.

We have recently started series production of models with the PYTHON 500 (0.48 MP, 396 fps), PYTHON 1300 (1.31 MP, 169 fps), PYTHON 2000 (2.3 MP, 169 fps) and PYTHON 5000 (5.31 MP, 73 fps) sensors. Each will be offered in color and monochrome versions. What distinguishes these sensors is that the frame rate increases when you reduce the ROI (region of interest), ie when the image width is reduced, the camera is able to achieve much higher frame rates. They are suitable for a wide range of machine vision and inspection applications, for example in quality control. They also excel in sports analysis, for example in tracking golf swings or in physical therapy.  

You can find their technical data on our website. You are also welcome to take a look at the other models of our USB3 platform - with their different camera families, housing variants and sensors, there is sure to be a suitable model for your next application!

Overview of the new models