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MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions is a FLIR Systems, Inc. distributor for Flir thermal cameras and application specific thermal imaging solutions. The company offers infrared thermal imaging systems for remote monitoring, automated thermal imaging and non-destructive testing. Thermal imaging solutions include: Non-Destructive Test Systems for Flash/Pulse Thermography, Transient Thermography and Lockin Thermography for Carbon Composites, thermal monitoring for electrical sub-stations, fire detection, critical vessel monitoring, condition and machine monitoring, gas flare stack monitoring, thermal package seal inspection systems, optical gas leak detection and many other temperature related process control and monitoring applications. MoviTHERM also provides components for integrators that would like to build their own thermal imaging systems, such as thermal cameras, protective housing and enclosures for aerospace, oil and gas, industrial, general manufacturing and research.

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MoviTHERM Opens In-House NDT Lab

POSTED 07/28/2022

MoviTHERM announces their in-house non-destructive testing lab that enhances feasibility study capabilities.

IRVINE, Calif., July 28, 2022 -  MoviTHERM offers feasibility studies to evaluate applications under real-world conditions. With their expansion of an NDT lab, the company has access to various excitation sources that support varying active thermography non-destructive testing techniques.

"Usually, customers are working with a tight time constraint. And so, we're not just trying to figure out how we're going to detect their defects, but how are we going to detect them quickly," says Nathan Aday, Engineer at MoviTHERM.  With in-house studies, the company can better guide customers on what NDT method will work best for their application.

“We can easily switch out the source in the same table and in the same setup do an entirely different experiment and compare the results,” shares Aday. Non-destructive testing techniques available in the lab include lock-in, pulse, transient, and vibro thermography.

In addition to having access to different testing techniques, the company possesses a collection of FLIR infrared cameras to compare different results. Cameras are usually the component that drives up the cost of an NDT system. Acquiring a report with contrasting results is beneficial when deciding what non-destructive testing system to purchase.  

"Because we have such a diverse set of inspection techniques, excitation sources, and infrared cameras, we can try everything before we definitively say if something's feasible or not," adds Aday.

MoviTHERM offers feasibility testing as a low-cost and low-risk option to validate inspection applications before committing to the purchase of a complete infrared non-destructive test system. The feasibility fee credit towards the system purchase is an added benefit of the feasibility study. 

Learn more about MoviTHERM's feasibility studies.